Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chia Seeds

So apparently the new "it" thing or things are Chia Seeds  the ancient super-seed.

Dr. Oz talked them up I believe.  Yes, Chia seeds are the same thing that grows this:  

I hope I don't start looking like far no grew sprouts....YET

You can mix them in with pretty much everything. I've mixed them into my cereal into my Naked juice which PS I LOVE, the juice, but the seeds don't really affect it, maybe thicken it a little and add a little texture. I've added them to soup, I tend to stick with liquids, otherwise they are kinda crunchy.  However, people have also added them to salads and pastas, etc...

I just made the chia gel, now I have a texture problem so big globs of gel/goo make me gag. The recipe calls for 1/3 cups of the chia seeds to 2 cups water, mix for 15 sec, than let sit for 1 min than mix again.  Refrigerate and mix into other items.  I don't understand what the difference between just adding the gel and just adding plan seeds.  

Chia seeds are high in omega-6 and have more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon...this tiny little seed has TONS of nutrition. 
I got these at the Whole Foods, they have organic and not organic. Since organic was twice as much and I'm not fully sold on the whole organic thing, I bought the cheaper as this was my first time.  
Here are some chia seed websites:

I decided to try chia seeds for 1) weight loss and 2) for running

Ray Rice is doing it, leading rusher for the Baltimore Ravens.... Check it out
It is supposed to help with ultra running, however I am NOT an ultra runner.  But I am hoping it increases my stamina/endurance as well as helping to help me feel more full without losing nutrients.  

Mixed it all the time with one of my favorite juices, next up to blend chia gel into......smoothies!

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