Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Newest Running Gear

Hobby: Running and Shopping (mainly online)

I've been buying new running gear A LOT lately.  Thankfully running is a hobby where you can pretty much by unlimited items, shoes, socks, sports bras, shirts, compression shorts, etc... the list goes on and those are just thing to wear, not including watches, water bottles and music!

I just bought a shirt from Skinny Runner: Super cute and in two of my favorite colors, hot pink and black!  Plus, who doesn't love Flock of Seagulls?! I love my 80's running mix.
My new bic band: skinny sparkly turquoise...will be buying more, I love to sparkle! Plus.... I've been looking for something that holds those fly aways in place
New Socks:  My feet always fall asleep without fail, lately it's been getting pretty bad.  My feet have also been getting really cold, my new shoes have more ventilation than the last pair and wind rushes past my little toes and they freeze.  Freezing and asleep feet do not make for a pleasant run. HELP!!!
New Compression Shorts: Nike.... usually I wear them under things, but in the privacy of mi casa, I sport them alone while doing a little Jillian Michaels- I ban my husband from being in the same room as I am while I'm doing the Jillmiester

What to buy next? What do you feel helps you with running? 

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