Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spare Change?

 Do you ever just have change lying around the house?

My husband moonlights as a bartender..... and therefore we often get a lot of change in the house.  Six years ago while visiting one of my besties in Philly I saw a empty water jug lying on the side of the road.  I thought to myself "self, this would be perfect to collect coins in."  

We've been collecting all of our spare change and depositing it into this jug.  I don't really know what we are saving it for. A rainy day?  A trip to some far off land, preferably Asia..... who knows?!  All I know is that after 6 plus years of collecting change it hasn't seemed to get much higher, but than that jug is sooo dang wide! Stupid area.....AND it's getting REAL heavy!

I can literally find dollars worth of change at any given moment on our bedroom floor, or rather around in our bedroom.  I am forever picking it up, hoarding it away.... it does however come in handy when I need to find the meters.  Here are pictures I took last night of the money I found lying all over the room...
First quarter found on the bed...I'm amazed it didn't slip through the cracks and end up in the abyss under the bed with how many other lost coins.
 Yes, that's my picture on the floor.  It's on my husband's 
side of the bed.  He has trouble picking things up.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE the guy, but picking things up is not one of his many gifts....haha!
That's two quarters by the way =$0.50
 Next to the unused and very dusty TV (don't judge). It isn't the weekend yet so I haven't had time to clean....I think there are 5 quarters there, a dime and a nickel ....if you're keeping tabs that's $1.45
 Um....yes, those are my socks with a glass of water on them. I didn't want to water stain my dresser- is that a crime?
 This coin was found by my husband's closet, by his Brooks Ghost 3 running shoes.  That's another $0.25.
So in total I found.......?? Guesses?! 

What should we use the money for?

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