Monday, February 27, 2012

Brussel Sprouts....


Ok, so I have NEVER made brussel sprouts in my life.  Nor have a I ever been a fan until recently, maybe it's because it is the new kitschy thing.  The restaurant my husband moonlights at has friend brussel sprouts with bleu cheese and bacon.  I had them and they were pretty fab....I mean fried with bacon! Once upon a time my mother tried to make me eat brussels, that was an EPIC fail! I was young and that thing got washed down with a huge glass of milk. It probably went something like this.....sniff...put in mouth, check quick to break it up (but not breathing) then swallow with huge swig of milk.  That's how it went with asparagus and I am still not a huge fan, unless I am starving. 
A friend brought brussel sprouts to one of our book club dinners and I tried a few and WHOA! My mouth now thanks me. 
So I attempted too cook brussel sprouts the other night...I'm pretty sure G hasn't had them before ever. I meant to parboil them before I cut them up, but forgot.  That's supposed to help soften them up and cook faster through without becoming mushy. I added chopped garlic to my roasted sprouts. I heart garlic and we pretty much use it in everything. I cut the brussels in half so that they cooked through more thoroughly. I added them, oil, salt, pepper and the garlic to a bowl and tossed lightly. Then I roasted them in the oven for 30-40 min at 400 degrees.  Keep mixing them every 7 minutes or so, so that they cook evenly.  I ended up with some burned edges, which we just call crispy and Gary loves.  Then I added grated reggiano cheese on top.
-You can parboil for 2 minutes before cutting
1 lb of brussel sprouts, outer yellowed leaves removed, cut off the bottom and half if desired.
3 tbs. oil
3 cloves diced garlic
salt and pepper to taste
*salt during cooking if desired
 Add all together and toss to coat

Lay on a tray
Cook at 400 degrees for 30- 40 min. 
Mix every 6-7 minutes to get cooked through
 **I like mine crispy

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