Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Idol

Ok, so I don't know when I watched American Idol last, but I happened to watch last week, when they were picking the final 24. I'm not sure if that's what it is exactly called.  But....it just so happens that someone from my Alma Mater happens to be in the Top 24.  Shout out to 17027! Holla! A few years ago a girl I graduated with from High School made it to Hollywood, but to be in the TOP!

Oddly enough we had just finished watching the Academy Awards, yes, I know it's Tuesday and we just watched them, but G works Sunday and Monday night, so it had to be tonight.  We just finished the Awards and switched over to AI and low and behold Adam is singing, not too bad if I do say so myself.  To be honest I only looked up his Hollywood week on youtube and I also looked up the Asian, being Asian myself I tend to root for them, plus I was excited to see and Asian on AI, I'm not sure if one has ever been in the Top 24 before, but you can correct me if I'm wrong. You GO Adam Brock!

Anyone else watch AI?

Do you have any favorites?

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