Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I think that the hubs and I used to make this day more than we do now.   That was probably when we were dating and this was "my day."  Don't get me wrong, jewelry, flowers and candy is GREAT....but it doesn't just have to come on one day a year, especially when expected.  Now that we have been married for almost 6 years we keep things low key.  Tonight he will be making me chicken cordon bleu...pics to come...if it's a success haha

My purchase: I bought myself some Valentine Day treats
I suppose that they can also be presents to Gary, like the mints and wine and shaving cream.... My students benefited from the Valentine Cards and cupcakes.

Please note that this animal cookies say a good source of CALCIUM! I mean who's going to argue with Target? I've been looking for this delicious cookies, but only found them in the gigantic section. Then TADA found them in a small box. Shoulda bought the big container.....c'est la vie.
 Funfetti, yes please! And....super moist that's a must for me with any cake products. Pink homemade vanilla butter cream frosting....mmmmm....not that kids know the difference between the real deal and not.
 This was my present that I woke up to....card from Hallmark- I'm a little snobby when it comes to cards.  Hallmark always knows just what to say, plus once upon a time my mother worked for them.
Contents: Haribo- I LOVE me some gummy bears. I'll pretty much eat any of them, but my very favorite are Haribo, favorite flavor the white pineapple ones. Gary and I fight over them.  Sweettart hearts, I used to eat bags of these each time they came around once a year. I suppose he knows me a little.  Gary also gave me the new Fray CD. I almost NEVER buy CDS, but there are a few bands that we always buy.  If you look at the top left corner of the CD holder you will notice that I ripped it open in order to get to it quicker.  
 These lovely gifts were from my adorable students.....mmm... I was hoping for that chocolate and thankfully almost everything is edible, with exception of the stuffed animal, which I think is super cute and will make a February appearance once every year. 
 My lovely basket full of cards from my cuties. 
 Needless to say my kids were amped today from games and fun-ness but I saved all the candy for the parents haha!

Do you celebrate any special Valentine's Traditions?

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