Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NYC- the mani/pedi

Hobby of the day(s): Pampering in NYC

 If I could, I would move there ASAP, but I want to live in Manhattan and I need a dwelling bigger than a glorified closet.  Well that and a job.  I love EVERYTHING about the Big Apple, the smells, even the foul ones, the CONSTANT horn honking, crazy yellow taxis, little bistros and Pizzerias everywhere.  Places to get your nails did. HOLLA, who doesn't love a cheap mani/pedi.  On Capitol Hill a "nice" place costs $30 for just a pedi.

Let's just say there are nail salons EVERYWHERE!  I mean I walked 4 blocks and passed like 6, that's definitely more than 1 a block.  I ended up getting a mani/pedi for $30, plus an extra long foot/leg massage and then while your nails are driving you get a back massage...I mean thank you! Also thank you to YELP .  They also didn't have your typical massage chairs, instead they had "couches" with pillows. Then they asked you what scent you wanted your feet soaked in, I couldn't understand my lady, so I just asked what she recommended, the lemon.  She added it to the water and it turned into this amazing yellow gel.  FABULOUS
Fun Feeling Lemon Gel

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark 
Love the style- Black, white and Bright Pink, classic NY chic

The name of the salon was Black Label Nails & Spa.

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