Wednesday, February 15, 2012

School Dayz

Happy 100th day! So today was the 100th day of school.  Actually it was the 105 day of school somehow all of us were off, I don't know how that happened, but that good news is there are only 75 days of school left now. I suppose that teaching is one of the few jobs where we can actually have a countdown.  We count up to 100, celebrate and then count down to 0 and celebrate!

You probably think "we have it easy"  I DISAGREE! Yes, I love my vacations and summers off, but if I didn't have them I think I'd go crazy.  My kids are great, all 27 of them, well most of the time.  One on one GREAT, but all 27 at once, well.....
So yesterday we had a Valentine's Day celebration and today 100th day! Good times, but oddly enough sooo much more draining! Just like field trips, while I don't have to "work" and or teach, being screamed at to come look at this and that and keeping everyone together and making sure all the chaperons know what to do and buses and yatta yatta....WORSE than actually having to teach all the subjects.  Actually the last field trip we had I had 3 parents tell me they don't know how I do it everyday, ha and they only had to walk around with 3 children.  I have 27 everyday.  At least they were sympathetic.  
100th Day of School ideas- gotta use these next year! Read this, Kids loved it! Super Cute...I have to say though that I never celebrated the 100th day when I was in Elementary School.
We did activities across the 1st grade. We rotated among the three classes, we've done it for awhile.  I have the students make fruit loop necklaces, 100 fruit loops in a pattern either groups of 10, 20, 25 or by 1's.  

Had a pretty bad headache after all that, but forced in a run.  Only did 4 miles, but I am trying to increase my pace so I "booked" it so to speak.  PR in my 4 mile by 4 minutes! Holla!  Hopefully it isn't raining tomorrow so the hubs and I can run.  I've always been told I have a quick turn over, but apparently Gary just noticed stride is A-W-F-U-L to non-existent.  My knees are also not so great and therefore I don't pick my feet up off the sidewalk/road very high. Is that bad?  Everyone who passes me when I'm running seems like they have the longest legs and the longest stride and cover enormous amounts of ground. 

Did you celebrate the 100th day when you were in school?  

Do your children? (if you have them?)

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