Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Favorite Parts of this Season


Fall is not my favorite season although there are definitely aspects of every season that I love.  
Favorites of this season:
  • -apple picking
  • - barlett pears
  • - the beautiful leaves, as they change color
  • -cooler weather
  • -cute scarves
  • -boots
  • - pumpkins
I told Gary to hold up a pumpkin, this is what he chose(he clearly hates pictures). And yes, there were bugs coming out of that disgusting thing.  Sorry pumpkin, you are unwanted.
 I feel like I should be wearing Snow White's evil stepmother's costume and maybe not smiling. Just one little bite.

Since Gary and I had off today(thanks Hurricane Sandy) I thought it perfect to carve our pumpkins, well pumpkin, it took me forever just to do one. In hindsight I probably should have started yesterday. 

We have a bunch of pumpkin stencils, but we've used most of them.  I bought one of those kits a few years ago that came with two carving knives and a scoop.  Gary always gets frustrated that it doesn't scoop well so this year I bought a large metal scoop with "teeth"  from Michaels.  A lot easier I believe.  

I give him the job of opening up the top and scooping out the inside.  Then it is up to me to trace on the design and use my meticulous cutting skills to carve our pumpkin.  
For some reason I wanted to a Disney Pumpkin. I love everything Disney!  I really do love Disney World too, I almost think it is better without kids. haha, maybe I'm wrong......Here's my finished product. It needs a little more fine tuning, there is still a lot of pulp.

I also get the joy of cleaning off all the pulp from the seeds and seasoning and roasting them.  I love roasted pumpkin seeds.  If you have never done it before, you should.  You can season them with all different toppings. 

This year I did half with cayenne and half with garlic.
Of course they are all seasoned with melted butter and salt. You can of course substitute oil for the butter. But there is just something about the taste of real butter.  

So as I speak those delicious little seeds are roasting away in the oven, smells super yummy!  

What are your favorite things to do in the fall?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Attempting to outrun Sandy

First of all, sooo thankful that Hurricane Sandy didn't rear her ugly wetness until later yesterday evening!  

I was praying that we wouldn't be running in a torrential downpour.  I am pretty sure that the other 2 people running "with" me would have dropped out.  They would have however been forced to be a spectator and would have gotten soaked anyway.  

I figured if it was raining, maybe, just maybe it would make me run faster.  You know because I was so miserable from the rain and or coldness.  Thankfully we didn't have to find out if it would have made me run faster.  

Meg and I picked up our packets kinda late on Saturday.  Usually I like to get to the Expos earlier, a few more freebies and what not.  But she couldn't make it down until Saturday and I was pretty busy the last few days.
I actually didn't buy much.  I know right, shocking!! I did however purchase a new running skirt.  It's super cute, has all the different runs that a person can do, 10K, 13.1, 70.3....most of them I will never do, but one can dream right?!
No one wanted to wake up yesterday morning and Gary is super grumpy pants early in the morning, especially when he doesn't get his coffee.  Thankfully the race was here in DC so we didn't have to get up so early I couldn't function.  
Last year Gary and I signed up for the MCM 10K, this was our first "long" race and from there we've done the 10 miler and half marathon.  I think that the 10K is one of my favorites. I always get teary eyed during this race.  People's shirts are just so touching and the people running the race are quite inspiring.  If veterans can accomplish amazing feats, than I can do a measly 6.2 miles. I also admire marathoners. I often think "I could do it."  and sure, I "could" do it, but I'm not sure I want to do it.  Not to mention that both after and during a 1/2 marathon I do not feel that I could do a full. LOL!

Since we've moved to our new place (which, so far is water proof) the metro is much closer and thankfully the metro line by us ran us straight to the starting line.  This year was not as cold as it was last year, thankfully.  Last year Gary and I had to buy extra clothing as it snowed the day before and we were not "experienced" runners. And yes people, it is true, bridges do freeze before the roads.  We slipped and slid around last year.  I ran in leggings, gloves, head ear warmer thing.  This time, I wore a new skirt, from running skirts.  They were at the Expo and my green Northface long sleeve shirt.  I also wore my my Fit Approach pink shoe laces!

Does anyone else always have to go to the bathroom when you get to a race?! I do!  It's annoying and despite going multiple times at home when I see those green rectangle boxes my bladder goes, "take me there!"  However, yesterday, when I saw the lines....I told myself I could suck it up, that there would be other potties along the way.  HA! That's one complaint.  There were not enough port-o-potties.  At mile 5 there were tons, but I think only because that was around where the marathon began.  So I took a little detour which included opening the door on some poor unsuspecting victim,  though I do say it was his own fault since he didn't even lock it! Positive: Love having the Marines out supporting all the runners "Ooorah!"

So proud of my girl Meg! In May she and my other bestie T did their first run with me the Race for Hope 5K supporting brain tumor research. This was her first longish run and I am not trying to convince her to do that 1/2 in March.  If you are reading this, DO it! Sign up, here's the link for a little extra help:-) 

I enjoyed this run.  Tons of people, lots of energy.  I also enjoy running on the highway lol.  I did PR too. Pretty excited about that! And victory Sandy stayed away so that all marathoners an 10Kers could finish safely!

A few pictures from the day.
On your mark, get set, GO!  
 Finished, there's my boo waiting for me!

 So proud of my girl!  You do it! Now get ready for our half marathon!

This is how I felt afterwards....too bad I couldn't do too much of that and instead had to prepare for Hurricane Sandy!
Looks like he just ran 6 miles haha, if only. The day will come my little friend when you will be my running buddy. Get ready!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life Updates

Good Morning!

So the last few weeks have been a blur, boxes, tape, chaos.  We moved last weekend to a townhouse here in DC.  We had sold our condo in August and were just renting it from the girl who bought it for the month of September.  For some reason mortgage companies and everyone prefer to settle at the ends of the months, which make it just more of the waiting process for all of us.  So many hoops to jump through and people to contact and papers to sign and information to be sent.  Thankfully everything went smoothly.  

We were able to start moving stuff in a week before we closed which was a huge blessing seeing that we own WAY too much for two people who just moved out of a 2 bedroom condo and into a 3 story home.  At least Gary now gets his man cave.....of course it will be a major work in progress.  

We now have outdoor space! So excited. We have a front porch which I have ALWAYS wanted and we have a balcony off of our master which I am currently sitting on early this morning- it's quiet and there is a nice breeze, almost gives the feeling of being at the beach.  We have french doors on our master, which I NEVER thought I would have unless I moved out to the burbs.  The builder did a great job.  He's a local, grew up here and now is giving back to the community by fixing up and selling run down homes.  Only problem is, I didn't get curtains yet, so sun up, sun in eyes! I did by myself a rather dashing looking eye mask...... the curtains should be coming sometimes next week.  Ahh the joys of being a new home owner.

Being a new homeowner, with lots more space....means that I want to fill it!  I want the outdoor furniture and the dining room table and the sofa for the basement.  I was hoping that more furniture would be on-sale at the end of this season, but so far I haven't found any great deals.  I know, I don't need it all immediately, besides Christmas is coming.....it's just hard I want it all done, but that's just who I am. 

So if you know of any stores and or websites with clearance on their patio furniture, please let me know!!

The master bedroom is mostly done I got us new bedding and duvet, the guest room looks like a tornado hit it, as does the basement. Those areas are not frequented often as of now.  The first floor is coming along nicely.  But SO much hardwood, which I love, don't get me wrong, but with the pets= lots of hair, especially since we now also have ceiling fans.  Blows EVERYWHERE! I told G that I need a roomba or something like that. 

Does anyone have one of those robotic vacuums like to roomba or the neato?

The neato looks super old school, but apparently scans the room and moves back and forth whereas the roomba kinda goes all over with no rhyme or reason.
I know that Bed Bath  and Beyond also has one that has received good reviews, but it's more of a mop and not a vacuum.  I know that it will completely take away vacuuming, but at least will prevent me from having to do it daily.

So that's what has been keeping me mostly occupied, that and working. 

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