Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Work Out

So, today is day 23 of Jillian and day 15 of doing it on level 2.  I am a little nervous to move it to level 3.  I am still no perfectionist at level 2.  I figure the title of the video is 30 day shred.  I'm probably going to go longer than 30 days, but I have to say I have seen some change, especially in my push-up ability and toning of arms.  I think that I might even be toning out the stomach section....maybe..... 

I also have one of these:   I got it because I had ordered P90X.  I have absolutely NO upper body strength, or at least I didn't used to.  No I can actually do 2 sets of three pull ups. When I say that I "can" I don't mean that I am amazing. My husband laughed at me because I don't lower myself very low. When I first bought this I was terrified that I would hang on it and pull the door frame down- I didn't....nor did my husband or friends. PHEW!

This is why my thighs and arms kill, reason
Today my body is angry at me.  Yesterday I did my 20 minutes of Jillian on level 2 and then took a break and that night went to Pole Class. Yes, Pole.  No, I don't have another profession and I'm not looking to start, although an extra grand a week?! I could go for that! No, wait I couldn't justify that at all.  Pole is AMAZING! That has also added to my upper body strength, trying to lift my body off the ground with my hands/arms and stay there without plummeting to my demise- you better believe I am HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE! My hands kills after that class from gripping so tightly.  One of the instructors lost something like 50 lbs doing Pole and another classmate has dropped something like 30lbs.  Pretty intense, but they also did it like 5+ times a week and most likely have their own poles which I do not in our teeny tiny condo.  But you sure need both abs and arm muscles to do some of the, most of the work.  Flexibility is also somewhat necessary, but not a requirement.  I am NOT Flexible. I would LOVE to be able to touch my toes or do a split.

I CANNOT do this 
I will keep working.......

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