Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Pizza!

Hobby of the day: Foodie! 

Ok, so who doesn't love free anything?!  We certainly do, especially free food! I didn't know, but thankfully my friend told me that Papa John's was giving free pizzas away if the coin toss for the Superbowl came up heads!  50/50 chance.....and BOOM!  Giants win the coin toss and it lands on heads! Wahoo!!!

Apparently you only get the pizza if you have a Papa John's points account, which we do. SCORE! I didn't get my code in my email, but I could have them resubmit it to me. This weekend we will most likely be wining and dining on a delicious pizza.  While I don't mind chain pizza restaurants, pizza from NJ and NYC is by far the best! 

Anywhere else, I order extra cheese with light sauce.  Somehow every other state puts too much sauce on their pizzas.  This my sis-in-law loves, she's a ketchup girl, ketchup on EVERYTHING, so extra sauce is her forte.  Garlic butter sauce, yes please and pepperocinis.  Yum!  
I'm also a huge fan of pizza for breakfast....cheese, bread, veggies?!  Cold or Hot? Doesn't matter to me. Pizza the breakfast of champions!!

I'm not afraid of the big bad carb. LOL!  

Did you get your free pizza? You had to have signed up for the points account before the game began on Sunday.

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