Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Givin it up

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday! Wish I was down in New Orleans, we've been there twice and love it! Someday we will be there for Mardi Gras.  I thought about giving out beads to my kids, for some reason they love to pick them from the prize box, but then realized I didn't have enough.
Today is the first day of Lent....or to others, Ash Wednesday.  Lent goes from today, until Easter.  Some people give things up just to give them up, as a challenge, others for another reason whether it be religious or not.
I decided to give up candy, desserts, essentially sweets.  This is rough because I love candy, gummies are my favorite, but chocolate comes in close behind.  Unfortunately we just bought some girl scout cookies.....enter freezer- sorry samoas, we will be reunited. I also just received a bunch of candy from my wonderful students, which is now hidden away.  Gary is giving up unhealthy snacking....aka, chips, pretzels, cheese its, the grocery store I bought grapes, carrots, celery and nuts. 
So for my last sweet treat tonight, other than my handful of sweet tart hearts I made my own version of sopapillas= fried dough from South America.  We unfortunately don't have a fryer, so enter my frying pan, oil and some 6 inch tortillas. Below is what they should look like, puffed up goodness that dissolves in your mouth. 

This is what mine ended up looking like, needless to say we each ended up eating two.  
Frying pan with my sad delicious little tortilla

Notice that I couldn't take a picture of the whole thing, I devoured some of it before I snapped the shot.  Also, honey and cinnamon and sugar make everything yummy!

Anyone else giving anything up?

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