Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I ate Wednesday

Haven't done this in awhile.  It isn't because I haven't eaten anything good, it's pretty much because I've been MIA.....

Anyway, this morning I had some extra time to actually make breakfast.  I had to attend a workshop and didn't have to be there until 8:30. This means that I didn't have to get up at 5:30, but could get up at 7:30 or so.  Two whole extra hours of sleep, complete *Bliss*

Ever since I watched the MasterChef episode where they had to make eggs three ways, poached, soft boiled and omelette I have been on a mission.  I've tried the poached several times and still can't seem to perfect it. I've done the vinegar thing, but maybe it's because I only had cider vinegar. I just can't seem to get all the white to not spread out. Grrr.....
If anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them!
So this morning I decided to poach an egg.  I don't have any of those cute little egg cups.  They are on my Christmas wish list.  

The workshop that I was at served lunch buffet style.  Not what I would typically eat for lunch, not to mention that hot lunches always make me super sleepy.  They had fried chicken, a greenbean medley, a creamed corn dish that was super yummy, fried cod, fried oysters (see the theme with the main foods?!), a pasta salad, rolls, crab soup, potatoes and some other side dishes.  The potatoes were yummy, whatever they cooked them in. 
Yeah, I have a huge plate full, kinda wanted to try a lil of everything.  I just couldn't stomach the oyster.
There was also cake for dessert, I'm not usually a huge fan of dessert, but I tried it, free is free after all.  It had strawberry layers and some raspberry sauce.  It was meh....

I only wish that I could have found a yummy heirloom tomato for my dish.  C'est la vie.  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Homemade Ravioli

Who doesn't love food from scratch?  If you say no you are either lazy, don't care for good food or maybe you are a bad cook. 

Don't get me wrong, sometimes fast food is great, so are those frozen orange stouffers boxes, or that blue craft mac n' cheese box.    In my opinion it is just really satisfying to make something from scratch, plus I like the compliments I get from my husband and friends.  

The other day one of my besties, Meg, and I made homemade ravioli.  I have the pasta attachment for my kitchenaid thanks to my MIL.  It's so much easier to make pasta with 4 hands than 2.  What's the phrase, "many hands make..._______" I don't actually remember the rest of the phrase.  

Anyway we bought this neat little ravioli press.  It took a few tries to get them pressed out correctly, but it makes a bunch at a time.  I know that there are single presses, but the hubs used his head and got the one that makes many. Thanks hubs! Way to use your noggin.

 My lovely manicured nail, although I feel that my thumb looks aged.... this stuff....

 Pancetta, fresh parsley ricotta, regianno, fresh garlic and egg mixture

I need a good recipe for sauce. This is just regular sauce with italian herbs, garlic and mascarpone cheese. Anyone have a good recipe?!

The hubs enjoying the delicacy that is our meal.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Duck Butts

My body is tired....which was evident in my run today.

After getting up at 5:15 all week and working with new first graders and planning and trying to work out kinks I am tired.  Plus I had to work at my other part-time job last night which was tiring too.  However, on that note I did make it through the first week of school.  

I overslept this morning which totally threw me off.  I am just lucky that I woke up. Crisis averted, sort of.

My run on Tuesday was great, but that was only two days into the week.  Add three days later and phew body knows it.  It's 9:30 on a Friday and I will most likely be going to bed in a half hour and I won't complain.  Bed will feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 
Ideally I would love to sleep here, but I guess I will settle for ours.

So my run, I managed to get in 5 miles. I had meant to do 6 but then decided to cut it to 4, but when all was said and done it ended up being 5.  It was also pretty warm/humid today....not my favorite type of weather.

The fun part is I get to do lots of people watching thanks to all the tourists.  People are also quite fascinated with our squirrels.  They are overly friendly and overly fed I believe.  So just making that like clicking sound really calls them over. As you can see by my picture.  It's kinda scary how close they will get though.  The tourists love it though and I find it quite amusing as well.  

I also ran past a bunch of ducks in the pool in front of the Capitol.  I like ducks. Not as much as my SIL, but they are super cute.  I had to take a picture of their cute little duck butts bobbing in the water, hence the post title.  

I hope you didn't get too excited over the title- or wonder what kind of duck smut I was talking about.

Hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training is back

So I am finally back to official training. I gots to be I have the 1/2 in Sept. September 16 to be exact and for those of you who are good at math, that is 27 days away. A little less than a month. GAAAA!  
Just found out who's playing the after....interesting.....

Today I logged the farthest I have all summer, 6 miles.  They actually felt pretty good. I started off going on a 4 mile run, but felt pretty good so added 2 more miles.  At about 2 miles it started to pour, so I ducked into a little area by the Capitol, where the fountain is....when it started to slow I headed back out. It was funny because there were a bunch of us sheltered in there.  The rain actually felt pretty good. There were still a bunch of hardcore runners in the rain. Love it! Plus the rain wasn't cold it was a warm rain. Unfortunately the rather nice day, turned rain, turned humid. 

Came home and stretched while sipping on chocolate milk, a after run/workout favorite.

It's funny too because I just quit the gym today, money back in my account.  Not that I don't love my gym, it's just I haven't gone in forever. I'd rather run outside and do my workout videos inside than travel to the gym. If my gym were cheaper I might stay, but since I went all of like 5 times this summer....meh, no loss on me.  I can still go to classes if I want to and just pay. It ends up still being cheaper if I go to 4 classes a month. 

Now that summer is sadly coming to a close I can run more frequently outside. I gotta say that running in the winter is my fav. I'm a cold lover and I have way more cold weather running clothes.

In another attempt to motivate myself. I have signed up for the MCM 10k which was our first "long" virgin run last year. So to keep traditions up. Plus, I got one of my besties to run and hopefully some of my other girlies will run too.  If you are reading this Jenna and Teresa, here's the website to sign up:-)  Actually anyone in the area reading this sign up!

Now I just have to coax the hubs to get back to running with me.  

What races do you have planned for the fall?

What's your after workout treat?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dropping the ball

Hi, it's me again. I didn't drop off the face of the earth. Well I guess my blog did.  
Even my husband has been giving me slack, so you know that's bad.

Last week I went back to school.  It was a week of room preparation, meetings and planning.  It's exciting and yet very tiring.  I am very pleased with how my room is set up this year.  I do wish that I could have less students-but that's a wish for the perfect world. I guess if I didn't teach in a low-income area class sizes would be smaller, seems slightly unfair to me, but we won't get into all the politics and logistics educational system.  

My room is mostly panda themed, but for some reason I was drawn to owls this year....oddly enough so were two of my co-workers.

Thus far I have "Whoo's a helper?" 
 "Owl be your friend"
"Owl Wise Work"
I know, kinda cheesy but I like them.  

Instead of stapling and taping all the time I hot glued clothes pins to the laminated owls so that I can hang all their work

For their pictures

Anyway.....this is the first week with actual students. I survived my first day with only 23 little owl babies.  As the year goes on only more will come.  Hopefully they will be little angels :-) 

I am tired today and no doubt it will only get worse as the week goes on....but I am hoping to get back out to running tomorrow as I have a half marathon in a month and I am SO NOT ready- EEEK!

I have another little DIY project that I got from pinterest that I will post later.  I hope my students get some good use out of it. I did lay on it the other day to "reflect" on the coming year. The more it gets used however, the more I will not lay on it.  I think you can figure out why.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Belated Vacation

Don't ask me why I've been so bad at posting.  I mean come on, it's the summer, I have tons of time.  I really have no excuses really.

Here are a few pictures from the family vacation from the week before..... in a quick nutshell
Gary wake boarding!
 Chris and Gary coming back in from fishing, alas no fish
 Went to 'Paws and Claws' pretty cool how close you could get to the animals- feeding the giraffe 
 More feeding, those wily sheep and goats!

Super cute capybaras and babies
Look out! 

 Fishing- SIL and BF did A LOT of this!
 Our favorite place to soak up the sun- got Lots of reading done here!
 And.....finally shooting targets.....
 A little freaked out with what I'm holding
 I totally look like I know what I'm doing.....
 Storms a coming batten down the hatches
 SIL and my awesome hat! Don't be jealous. Gots to protect the face from the sun.
The end.
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