Monday, January 30, 2012


Hobby of the Day: Being a Supportive Wife
The hubs getting his coloring done

So Gary's been waiting a few months to get the rest of his "ink" done.  He's been fairly patient.  This isn't his first tat.  He got one a few years ago in New Orleans with a friend.  He was originally going to get something small. HA! Ended up spending 4 hours getting a geisha on his ribs.  Apparently that's not a very fun place to get a tat done.  

He also has two Japanese cranes on his back perched on a cherry blossom tree.  Japanese cranes mate for life- enter in symbolism, plus the whole Asian theme.  

Apparently tattoos are addicting....and expensive! 

The Symbolism of the Tattoo:
We've traveled a little, not as much as we'd love to, but it's expensive! Each picture represents somewhere we've been
  • The bird is a quetzal, a bird found in the Costa Rican rain forests.  
  • The apple to represent NYC- a tradition every Christmas for the last 10 years
  • Mountains- the Pitons in St. Lucia, where we had our honeymoon
  • Fleur de lis- our trips to New Orleans
  • The fan like shapes around the outside- reeds to represent rafting down the Nile
  • The mask being held by the bird- a Venetian mask to represent out trip to Italy
  • The "Mickey Moon"- our trip to the happiest place on Earth- Disney World
  • The horns at the bottom- Spain

His tat began at 5, I didn't join until 6....and ended up staying until 9, yes it took 4 hours to do, but the colors are AMAZING!  Thanks to Cyn at Cirque du Rouge

We were both STARVING after and headed down to Granville Moore's .   It's a Belgian Restaurant and for beer lovers and mussel lovers, a MUST place to eat!  We ordered the Steak n' Cheese....mmm....nom nom nom... Just thinking about it makes me salivate. You get frites with it, drooling.... and a dipping sauce of your choice: Garlic Ranch • Truffle Mayo • Curry Mayo • Horseradish Cream • Chipotle Mayo • Ketchup • Dijonnaise • Bacon Blue Cheese. 
My personal favorite: Garlic Ranch, it's also amazing on the frites

Garlic Ranch and Chipotle Mayo

Do you have any tattoos? What of?

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