Monday, February 20, 2012

I will improve

 I love days off! Happy President's Day!
Work out: 20 min of Jillian Michaels Level 3
9 burpees and some lose the love handles routines :-) 
Tonight: Pole

On another note:
There are always areas in my life that I can improve....I'm sure we all feel like that. If you don't, kuddos to you and PLEASE let me know how you do it! 
One thing that I have been trying to do better at is improving my speed.  Speed was easy for me in a 100m sprint and relays, but long distance? Meh..... In my mind I can't believe that I have been running in general haha.
My legs DO NOT looks like this
For me, I have been trying to get faster at my 3 mile and now my 4 mile. Little by little I suppose.  The difficult thing is that city running runs into obstacles, pedestrians, crosswalks, lights and stop signs. The nice thing about living in DC is that our crosswalks always have a countdown so you know that you can either keep going at your pace, or speed it up major. Sometimes I sprint across the intersection in time, sometimes I don't. I did however run a PR for my last 4 miler, beat it by 4 minutes. That could be a fluke, but I did feel pretty good.

I was just reading in a runners magazine about fartleks.  Yeah, another one of those weird fitness names.  Apparently it originated in Sweden, makes sense, and refers to speed play.  Essentially free form in which you run faster for however long you desire.  When I ran track an equivalent to this was our sprint the straight a ways and walks the curves of our track....although I preferred sprinting the curves and walking the straight a-ways.  You can also pick certain things along your route that you want to sprint to, a mailbox, the next street a telephone pole.  I used Gary as mine the other day.  He always runs farther ahead of me, half to a full block, so....I would occasionally sprint up to him.....then slow down to my normal plod.  Here's an article from Runner's World on fartleks.

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