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Me, Myself and I:

I originally come for the good old Keystone state, PA, but currently live in our Nation's Capitol: Washington DC.   I live here with my husband and our dog, Belle and cat, Sebastian.

A moment of peace between the two
I/We love to travel.  If money were no option we would go EVERYWHERE.  Life Goal: to get to Asia. 
I also love baking.  I think that I only really started when I got my own place.  Cupcakes only seemed to become kitschy a few years ago, at least here in the city.  I know that they were popular in Cali and NYC before they got so here.  Baking cupcakes are one of my favorite things to bake, but desserts are my specialty.  I always bake for small group events, parties or work events.  I also enjoy dabbling in the savory recipes.  I've done beef bourguignon and osso bucco, those were some of my more daring dishes.  Recently my in-laws gave me a pasta maker, who doesn't love fresh everything?

Running:  I've never been a long distance runner.  I did track in high school, but I was a sprinter.  I wanted to go fast for a few seconds so that it would be over and done with.  The presidential fitness challenge was just that....running the mile....blah!  Field hockey was also my sport of choice, but than our school didn't have many sport choices.  Pre-season was dreadful! Running for what seemed like miles...... 
3 years, 2010, ago we ran our first 5k, The Race for Hope, this run is special to me because my father passed away from a brain tumor.  So running and giving money to this cause is certainly worth it.  Let's just say that day was hot and humid. Great for the first race.

We signed up the next year and also for RunAmuck....running, plus obstacle course plus mud and water. SCORE! Wasn't prepared for "hills" or rather a more cross country run than city run, but it was fun and we'll be doing it again 2012. GO Team ENCH!

2011 were our first "long" distance runs. We did the Marine Corps 10k (what 6 miles?!) in October, than the Surfin' Santa 10 miler (Dec) and than the Jingle Bell All the Way 8k (Dec).  Each race was a little further and pushed me a lot more.  That's why I signed up for a half marathon, Rock N' Roll half DC! Hopefully it isn't my last.  
Races have become my addiction, I guess there are worse things to be addicted to....

I heart the beach!

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