Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slow and Steady

Hobby of the Day: Running

Of course, after being in the 60's all week it has now dropped to wintery weather temperatures.  At least it is sunny out. I think the weather flux is also making me sick, warm, cold, rainy, cold, With spring comes....ALLERGIES. YUCK....Looking out the window it looks pretty window, also one of my Everests.  
I have the pink one of course
Today will be one of our longer runs that we've done in awhile- glad we saved it for this sunny cold day. I decided I was going to practice running with my water belt, or rather Gatorade belt.  One of my biggest concerns as of late is that I think I have developed shin splints.  I know that the majority of athletes get them I was just hoping I would be one of the lucky few to avoid.  I texted my soon to be Personal Trainer Sis-in-law and she gave me some advice. Score, free PT sessions haha. One recommendations is to avoid running on hard surfaces ie: concrete. Hard to avoid since I live in the city, a concrete jungle.
Here's one website to help with shin splint stretches 
I'm not gonna go out super hard, I just want to see what I can do. 10 miles is the longest I have ever run. Gary's got a bad knee and I have bad knees and now other issues. This should be a doosey.  But I am thankful that I have the ability to run and I am thankful that the sun is shining, despite the fact that I don't have running sunglasses....There is always tons to look at on the National Mall and tons of pass me. I'm a turtle.....slow and steady.... I've been trying to be better with fartleks(speed training). Gary likes to scream that out when we are running, "Do a FARTLEK!" Thank you hun! Also, please don't use up my energy while making me laugh!
My first couple of miles are always the BEST WORST. Then things start to find a rhythm and flow. Then around 4-5 miles my feet fall asleep. They wake up around 6-7 and then will occasionally fall fluctuate between awake and sleep.  I really don't know the best way to fix this problem. Sometimes stopping helps, sometimes keeping running helps.

Update on the run:  It was ROUGH....thank you cold weather and ridiculous amount of wind. Energy was being drained out of me and yet  I made it, ended up doing 11 miles accidentally, mapmyrun was a little off. Legs didn't feel good throughout the whole run breathing was poor in the beginning, I think the wind took it away. But, I did try my knew fueling belt, shared with the hubs. 
Also: I didn't have running sunglasses, so I ran with my Coach Sunglasses- not too shabby if I say so myself, will be doing it again, sure beats having to buy new sunglasses.  
Didn't feel like Spring.
Do anyone else's feet fall asleep when the run? What do you do?

Anyone with shin splints? 

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