Friday, February 17, 2012

Muffin Top?!

You've heard of the term muffin top right? If not, it typically refers to a woman's excess skin that hangs over the top of her pants....however, men can totally get it too. Thus looking like a muffin and or cupcake. I think cupcake top sounds a little more demure, if that's possible when speaking of excess skin.  People also refer to these as love handles.  I'm not sure I like that term either, handles are something you grab and love....well....
See the resemblance? 

It's not the most flattering term, nor the most flattering picture of elegance. I am by no means the most fit person in the world.  I prefer to call my "excess" mini muffins. I thought it would be kinda cute that when all excess skin is gone that I get a little tattoo of a muffin and or cupcake to be a reminder of my hard work and dedication. LOL.
You may be attached to your handles, I would prefer to see them go...thus.....I looked on the web for some fun gut busting workouts to shave off some lbs.....
This one is titled, How to Lose Your Love Handles:
P.S. If anyone is counting, bathing suit weather is about 4 months away and for me like 2 with Spring minis have got to go.

KEEP IN MIND: even if you do the exercises, diet has to go with it.  Diet and Exercise go hand and hand.  If you just exercise you may be getting tone underneath, but you also have to shed extra lbs by eating right, getting proper nutrition: veggies, fruits, vitamins, protein.

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