Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You like?!

Got my new Warby Parker Glasses. They looked better on me when they didn't have prescription lenses for the blind in them. Although I guess you can be the decider. However, if I hadn't paid extra to make them thinner I would have coke bottles for lenses.  
I ordered the Beckett pair, it was a hard decision....I did a post back in February on the glasses here.

I was so excited when the arrived at school. I have to say they are very efficient with their service.  I had placed the order on a Thursday and received an email that said processing 1-3 business days and that they would arrive in 10 business days or less, hopefully less of course(my thoughts). The following Thursday (5 days later)I received an email that my glasses had shipped. I checked the tracking # expecting to see nothing, but then found out that they would arrive Friday(6 days later), the next day, before 10:30, I thought no way!  But, ha yes way(I'm such a pessimist), 9:00 got a call from the office that my package arrived at work. I  wanted to wear them right away, but had no place to put my contacts. I asked my students if they liked them. They said yes- good, otherwise heads would have rolled ---JK. 

Came home and immediately put them on. Love the box that they put the glass case in, super durable. Love the sturdy glass case, complete with cleaning cloth. Plus, I also gave someone else a much needed pair of glasses. Please ignore the thickness of the lenses. My friend goes "Are you legally blind?!" Ha

I think that because my prescription is so high the lenses are really heavy for the lightweight glasses so they do tend to slide off my face especially when I look down, which I do frequently if I am using the computer or reading.  However, I called up Warby Parker, got someone immediately, no automated service "press one for..." it actually surprised me so I was quite ready to talk.  I told the person who answered the phone my problem. He told me because they were an online service they couldn't adjust them, but that I could go to any glasses store and get them fitted. He said they should adjust them on low heat and that it should be free, but if they charged me to send the bill to them. Wow! Great customer service. You've sold me Warby Parker, plus again, I love that you give a pair of glasses to someone else each time one is purchased! Can't wait to buy my next pair!

Hopefully in the future they will be able to have bifocal and progressive lenses so that my mother can be super stylish and rock a cute pair. Let me know Warby Parker because your prices are a steal!

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