Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away

Yesterday and today were beautiful days in the high 60's.  Sunny, peaceful, tons of people out and about. 

 I was informed yesterday by a student that my eye was red. Thank you, for being observant. I of course figured that it was merely allergies. Ha! Came home and yes indeed, the eye was red, angry. But, we had planned to run. I can't run in glasses that's miserable. I know people do, but I'm so used to contacts now. Plus, my glasses are too small and make my ears and head hurt. So Gary came home we decided on a quick 4 mile run, even though we had originally planned for 6. It was better though because yesterday was not his day. He is a much better runner than I and well, we all have our bad days. I know that when I can keep up with him, he's having a bad day. It was also windy out. Dang wind. The beautiful day was deceptive.  I wore my designer coach sunglasses, I mean seriously who needs the real deal.....I thought it would help protect the "angry" eye from dust/debris blowing around. Strangely enough while the run was his worst, it was one of my better runs. He is one fast buddy when he's feeling good. 

Today was another beautiful day, but of course I had to call out because I had a fear that I had pink eye....yuck! This is what happens when you are around children all day and when people are not thoroughly cleaning my room. Thankfully I have 27 wonderful little cleaners. Haha...not child labor, they love it. Unfortunately, I spent my day cooped up inside cleaning and doing laundry- my day off wasn't in total vain. Then I went to the doctors to which she confirmed my fear, as well as the fact that I'm having some serious allergy issues. I am smiling in the picture despite the fact that I hate those glasses, but I have meds and can wear my contacts tomororow. Thank you DC for making my allergies larger than life. I've heard that people who've never had allergies before and come and live here eventually get them.  We are not just south of the Mason Dixon line, but we are in the allergy alley. My term, you know kinda like tornado alley except not as dangerous, just miserable. I definitely feel like the person in this picture. Sometimes my head just feels like it's on a cloud. My students comment on how often I sneeze, at least they say bless you.

 P.S. I just ordered my Beckett glasses from Warby Parker, CANNOT wait to get them! 
 How do you cope with allergies? Or are you one of the many that doesn't have them? 


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