Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To the Pole

 Workout: 1.5 hours of Pole

Shout out to the massive amount of burpees done on The Biggest Loser!

So excited since I have been doing the 100 burpee challenge. I wish I could have seen all the different variations that they did. I haven't been too faithful with watching it, sometimes there is just too much drama, plus I miss Jillian. I loved her "tude" and when she broke people down. She'd break me in a second. I know that she's doing her own thing now, but I miss her getting in people's faces and screaming, you'd better believe the tears would be streaming down my face too, from pain, emotional stress and fear. Haha

Sad to see that Cassandra left....should have been Cindy, still not sure how she's been around for so long. Hope Cassandra kicks it at she has my mother's name. 
My body is KILLING me today! My arms, specifically my biceps, abs and thighs. Haha.....pole doesn't come easy. Last night was PACKED! There were no free spots. Good thing I have a plan and can sign up online, don't give away my spot.  I thought my "booty" shorts were short. HA! Not compared to the ones with drawstring sides. Do you wear underwear with those? I think probably not, but I'm not a pro at this.  When we started to go upside down some more clothes came off, is that even possible, oh wait that's right shirts. Yes, there were girls in their sports bras.  There was also a guy in class. I know right?! But, he was AMAZING! I mean he also had ridic abs and other muscles and he made it look so easy, well so does our instructor. I'm now in the Pole Class 2-3. Pretty special, ha but not up to some of the caliber of the ladies. We had a pole climbing race last night, P.S. I suck at climbing, it's that whole upper body thing. First two up wouldn't have to do it again, I didn't stand a chance, then we did it again, then on the third time the girl next to me gave me a few extra pushes. I was only like 4 feet off the ground lol, but with those pushes I made it, despite the fact that there was a ceiling fan in my way.  DID IT, could I climb up there again?! Nope not once last night, but there's always a first time and a second time for everything, as long as it doesn't kill you. 
I also used grip powder for the first time, that's amazing. I was actually able to spin using only one hand. However, when I needed my hand to be more loose, it wasn't especially helpful.   Gotta find that balance. I have some big bruises, one on top of my foot from climbing. I can't do any push ups or burpees today. 

With a little extra support I was able to do the above. I am not flexible and I don't trust myself for long periods of time to be upside down, but I'm getting better. I just wish I looked smoother in my moves.

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