Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am NOT a fan of breakfast, if anything I would rather eat lunch or dinner foods for breakfast. Leftover pizza or pasta are some of my favorites. On Saturday if  I get up late, which hasn't happened in awhile since I started training for the 1/2 marathon.  However I would most likely eat leftovers from our Friday night dinners out.  

I do however enjoy breakfast for dinner a.k.a. brinner, sometimes, so that's what I had last night when Gary was at work.  Since we don't have bacon very often I decided to make a fried egg on toast with some bacon on the side.  We only have bacon in the house because of the quiche that I made last week and I'm not going to let it go to waste. 

 I love that my little egg cooker has a little egg on the handle with eyes, feet and a beak. Cutie- although it could also be misconstrued as creepy too that I'm eating her/his friend....hmmmm.....
 Note the chocolate milk in the background. Any excuse to have some haha. Thanks to SR and HRG for introducing me to Refuel with Milk Chocolate! Is it wrong to have two glasses after a good workout?

A bunch of friends and I do "International" Dinner night once a month.  The hostess picks a country and they get to create the main meal while the rest of us attempt to bring side dishes that belong to that country.  We, though more I, have done Korea and Spain, both were successful.  I made bulgogi a Korean type of BBQ meat that we added to lettuce wraps. I had kimchi and some of the other typical Korean food items.  For Espana I made paella with chicken and shrimp. That took awhile to prepare, not to mention that it was kind of expensive those stupid saffron threads that make the paella yellow are super expensive for not much. We also made some fabulous Sangria which may have been a little strong.  Thankfully we have red couches haha!

Our first ever "International" Dinner was Macedonia, yeah that wasn't so easy. We've also done, France, Indian, Southern, Breakfast for dinner, Switzerland, Cuba, Man's dinner (which was essentially BBQ), Morocco, Italy, Greece and Peru, I know I'm forgetting some country, but I can't remember.  Fun times. We host this month and it's between Ireland and Belgium(good beers).  I dunno.

Any suggestions for countries for International Night? 

Do you have brinner ever? What do you usually have?

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