Thursday, March 15, 2012


Who doesn't like a nap?  
I guess small children who are suppose to take naps.  Because no one is telling me to take naps, they sure do feel good. It's funny because when I am home and my mom says, "You look tired." My immediate response is, "No I'm not." My pets sleep the majority of the day, I have to admit I am a little jealous. 
I need a hammock! Bliss

Apparently it's nap season for me, which means allergies are in the air and Spring Break is around the corner. I am using more energy trying to keep the kids orderly so it makes me more tired. 
If that's a new extreme sport, I'm IN!

When I studied abroad in Spain there was "siesta" time everyday. It's meant to be during the hottest part of the day right after the mid-day meal, which also happens to be quite large. I mean think about Thanksgiving or Christmas, aren't you super sleepy after wards? Stores close down for 3-4 hours during those hours. It is kind of annoying if you want to shop, but restaurants and grocery stores are still open, although little grocery stores close. I feel like we'd be more happy. We are such a fast paced country, we walk fast, drive fast, eat fast. And....we are workaholics (well some of us). What's wrong with taking a few hours for yourself in the middle of the day. In my mind Spain has certainly got it right. I feel like there might be less burn out?!

Do you like naps?
I sure do, my husband refuses unless he is sick, or REALLY ridiculously tired.
Catch you in a few......

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