Friday, March 30, 2012

The perfect pair

Hobby of the day: Shopping

With warmer weather upon us it's time for skirts, dresses and capris to be pulled out of storage.  New York and Company has some super cute dresses right now.  I wish that I wasn't trying to save money right now. Perhaps it's because we are leaving for Jamaica in a day and it would be prudent to not go overboard with my shopping.  One thing that I love about NY& Co is that they have teacher's discounts. At least someone appreciates us.:-)

I love shoes! There's nothing like a nice pair of heels or wedges, the hard thing is finding a pair that is comfortable. I'm not sure if they truly exist.  Even expensive shoes are super comfy. I suppose though that any pair of shoes you might wear for a significant amount of time may hurt your feet.  Sneakers if I wear them too long hurt, flip flops, etc... it really doesn't matter for me.  With heels however my feet start to lose feeling. They often go from hurting to hurting so bad that my feet start to go numb.  Probably not the best thing. What we girls do for beautiful shoes. Guys just have no idea- I guess in that area they are a lot smarter. 

I'm currently on the hunt for a cute pair of brown wedges, preferably a pair that will not break the bank.  I bought this first pair at Old Navy, they weren't onsale sadly-although I just checked online and they ARE onsale!!!What?!  
I wasn't sure how I felt about the tying aspect of the shoe.  I tried on a pair that were basically like round shoelaces.  I felt that those might cut into my ankle.  It's important to have shoes that stay on your feet and don't hurt you in an extra places, toe pinching, rubbing weirdly, you know what I'm saying. This pair has a thicker more ribbon like tie.  They aren't solid brown, they are brown and off white spotted. The nice thing about them is that they are quite when I walk, no click clack down the stairs or through the halls.  They seem to have a little suede like cushion for my foot which is nice.  Since the part that holds my foot is made out of fabric it is very comfortable and a little stretchy, no suffocating my lil toes and no weird rubbings or tightness.  

The pictures on ON have them laced in the back- I think they look a little more girly this way.
 The other pair that I bought Marshall's are brown T-strap.  They are made by Guess.  They were $10 more than the ON pair. They are super cute. They are a darker brown with the braiding around the outside of the shoe.  They have a buckle strap and they don't seem to really have any padding for my foot.  They are much louder too when I walk.  There are definitely times when I like to hear the sound of shoes, but then there are times when I find it somewhat obnoxious, maybe that's just a pet peeve of mine, or from living under people with loud shoes.  

Appreciate that I just got a pedicure, otherwise my toes would have distracted you from the beautiful shoes.

 I love the wedges offered on, especially the teen section.   I also love that Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns! It's too bad that the majority of their shoes are more than I would like to spend, at least on one pair of shoes.  I can get 3 pairs of shoes for what one of them costs. I do love the Juicy Couture pair...but $249, no thank you.  
In the past I have purchased from Target, Bakers or BCBG.  

Now, I just have to decide between the two pair.  Oh decisions, life is hard. Haha

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