Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Straight to the core

This is how I feel when I do push- ups.
In an effort to become at least somewhat bikini ready in um....19 days.....(I think my head just exploded, if not I'm at least screaming internally) Anyway Jamaica is in 19 days. So I've been trying to up my workouts. Doing a little more ab workouts, some more arm toning (triceps and biceps) and trying to focus on my core. 

It goes without saying that I am one of the least flexible people, or so I feel. I've been doing my burpees to increase my metabolism. Yesterday was day 29, which makes today day 30- groan. I have to say while 10 are ok and they look pretty easy, no such thing. I was huffing and puffing after 29 which means I will most likely be today as well.  Burpees kind of remind me of football pre-season up run run, whistle, drop, up run, run run, except burpees are jump up, hands down jump feet back(now you are in push up position), push up, jump feet towards hands, jump up, hands up. Repeat many times.....I'm 80 away from my 110 goal. Ha!

I found that Shape has a workout trainer. You click on what you want to work on, abs, arms, etc...then choose 8 of the videos to do. I also found some fun core exercises to do here.  Thankfully Jillian Michaels 30 day shred has plenty of plank moves.

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