Monday, March 19, 2012

OH sweet loving!

I am a big fan of candy! And a BIG fan of this place....

When I was in NYC with Gary over Christmas I saw a brightly colored add for Dylan's Candy Bar. We didn't get a chance to go, but it was apparently only a Pop up store, which are very in right now. Pop-Up candy stores, restaurants, baked goods and treats, etc... 

However, when I was back to NYC with my mom in January we ended up going to Dylan's! YEAH! Who says adults don't love candy. This was so much better than any of the candy stores in the mall. As one should expect of course it is NYC after all.   Candy Bliss!!! I don't think that there was one child in the store, just adults. It could also be because it was 9:00 at night, or that the candy was more expensive than most, again NYC prices.  

I love gummy sweets, sour are some of my favorites. I was tempted to take a whole bag and run....JK, but look at all those treats!!

 Really wanted to buy this super cute hate, but not for 28 buckos

 Didn't buy but looks fabulous
 Did buy, but haven't tried yet, saving for a rainy day.

 Remember this?! They had so many flavors.

 They had all these containers filled with famous people's favorite candy.

They had a bunch of old school candy- remember fruit striped gum? Also, all that powdered sugar?! Pixie Stick high and super ADD!

What's your favorite kind of candy? 

Are you a chocolate person or a gummy person?

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