Monday, March 5, 2012

Where's your favorite place for salad?

Yesterday's Workout:
10 mile run
1 mile walk with the pup

After running I crashed! Does that happen to you? I dunno....I don't know how some people do it EVERY day! Jealous!  Gary and I went for some scrumptious salads and froyo. One thing I love about Sweet Green is that use local and organic produce from the farms in the area. They are helping to sustain local economy. Their silverware is biodegradable- SCORE! 

I had a mesclun with quinoa, corn, green apples and candied walnuts with a balsamic vinaigrette. YUM! Then I also had a small froyo with strawberries, blueberries and almonds, which I shared with Gary.  I was almost too tired to eat!

I'm up to 22 burpees now....only 81 away from the 100 goal. HA! I laugh at that right now....but if I can get to 25 I'll be 1/4 of a way there.

I just signed up for another half marathon. This will be my second, my first I haven't even run yet.  I will be on March 17th.  Who knows how I will do for that race, or what the weather will be. Our weather in DC is always wack around this time of year. I'm hoping for not freezing and not windy. I'd rather have cold and no wind than wind. But I can't really control that.  The second half that I signed up for with a good friend is the Zooma half in Annapolis, MD in June. It's just for women. YEAH! Plus there are massages and bubbly after. Now that sounds like a good post-party. They say it will have a "girls weekend" atmosphere.   None of that beer nonsense.  It's an early run- yeah.....but I'll most likely be dragging Gary along to act as my support.

I've surpassed my 30 day shred with Jillian....I wasn't as consistent as I should have been.  Started off well, but with adding running in there or additional gym classes it doesn't work out so well. I only have so many hours in the day. I will say that I used to only be able to do maybe 5 push ups and now I can do over 20! So, there has definitely been improvement in those areas.  One thing that's hard for me with Jillian's workout is her jump routines. I have bad needs and can't jump and bend them as high as I would like. I have been doing her workout in bare feet instead of shoes. Kinda like that whole vibram toe shoe things, going back to the way we were designed. I can control my landings a lot more in bare feet. I'm going to keep doing her routines though.  Who can argue with an intense 20 minutes? Of course you can also say, "20 minutes? Why can't you fit that in!?"'s intense and after running my legs are way tired.....
I'm not totally sold on the whole vibram shoe craze.  I have heard a lot of good things, but those things so totally creep me out.  I was never into the whole toe sock thing either. I like gloves, but actually prefer mittens. There's something about separating my toes that weirds me out and I think that it freaks them out a little too(my toes). One thing I read is that spacing out the toes gives each toe a "job." The pinky toe always gets squished in shoes especially where running is concerned. With these shoes the pinky now has a job. I've also read that these shoes can help prevent or help avoid injuries. 

Do you have Vibrams? Do you love them?

 What's your favorite thing to do after running?

Where do you like to get salads from?

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