Friday, March 16, 2012

Rock N' Roll Expo

Well it's about 1 day away...the lines were kinda of long and we went yesterday to pick up our bibs and shirts. I unfortunately did not realize that the shirts ran small and stupidly signed up for a small....grr...they said I can't exchange until the day of at the information booth I think. So we'll see. It's a nice shirt from Brooks so hopefully I can get it less skin tight. ** Was able to exchange today, there were no lines and there were two guys handing out mediums. Score, he said he wasn't supposed to but he did. The powers of a girl woman. Ha!

I love going to the expos, of course I always spend money. They had a Refuel with Chocolate Milk  booth there.  It would be great to be part of their team....but I'm not an elite athlete by any means. I do however drink chocolate milk after my runs or workouts in general, usually drinking while stretching, or contemplating life.  I picked Gary and I up some GU, strawberry with caffeine for me and cranberry apple for him, with caffeine of course. I also picked up some Jelly Belly Sports Beans with caffeine, watermelon for me and cherry for Gary, they were also giving away free samples so I scored some of those as well. 

My Freebies!

Of course they had lots of shoe vendors and clothes vendors and of course different headbands and sunglasses and more food samples.  Actually, the Marine Corps Marathon Expo was much bigger with more vendors.  They had the KT Tape Pro booth there. Last time I was there it was packed with people getting taped up. Luckily there weren't too many this time. I tried to get Gary to get his plantar fasciitis taped but he didn't want to wait around. He isn't as excited about the Expos as I, I guess he knows that I will just be spending money so that doesn't please him.  The Expo closed at 7 tonight and we had 20 min left with 3 people in front of my friend Jenna and I. Thankfully they moved along and I was able to get my right leg taped up for my interior shin splint. I chose purple and black, purple in memory of my father. Let's hope it works.  Some people swear by it.  If it does I'll be buying more of it.  Plus you are supposedly able to wear it for days, even in the shower, obviously if you are wearing it for days.

I won Gary a cool shirt at this Brooks fun area- I wanted it, but this will look better on him:

I was also looking for a running hat. Unfortunately I have  ridiculously small head and while the Rock N' Roll pink hat looked nice on me- I had to pull it so tight that it didn't stick to the velcro.  I was also potentially looking for sunglasses and new earphones.  Thankfully if it is sunny I can wear Gary's since he won't be and I don't really need new earphones, but it would be nice since I feel that I keep needing to adjust mine on long runs. Went back and bought another pair. Let's hope they work well:-) 

 I would like to run the New Orleans Rock N' Roll Half- pretty cool medal

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