Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June Foodie Penpal Reveal!

This is the first time I have participated in a foodie penpal and I'm super excited to keep doing it. I found this opportunity on another blog that I read and am so glad that Lindsay@theleangreenbean started this!

Here's my reveal (what I received)
The Lean Green Bean

If you love getting packages and eating/trying new things you should join up!

I haven't really gotten to try much, apparently the package was sent back to my penpal the first time and just re-arrived today.  

Thank you however to my wonderful foodie penpal, Terrinda!! You definitely spoiled me so many jars and yummy treats!  Part of me wanted to tear into everything and try a bite of each, but I restrained my inner food demon and tried only 2 things. I did try the watermelon rind pickles, I've never had them before and they were really intriguing to me.  Have any of you ever had them before?  They kind of remind me a little of bread n' butter pickles.

Check out all the yummies I received. Oddly enough my foodie penpal that I sent to lives within 20 minutes of me....and also originally lived in PA, what's the odds of that?!
Came home to this bad boy outside our door! 
 S-P-O-I-L-E-D! Thanks!!!
 Huge fan of those KIND bars! Haven't had the almond & coconut one. Those Do More Bars look yummy too! Tried the cookies expecting them to be crunchy and they were soft- nice!
Of the 4 items below I've only had 1 of them....well I guess I've had BBQ sauce before, but not Herb's.  Looks like I gots to get grilling again! I wonder what I should make. I had to look up what muscadine cider was. Apparently muscadine are types of grapes that have think skin and are noted for their fruity taste.  It is the only alcohol free drink that does not go through the fermentation process. This is immediately going in the refrigerator for chilling. 
 My girl also sent me some recipes! Can't wait to try them!
Thank you again to my foodie penpal, Terrinda for NC!!  You've made my first experience doing this great! 

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