Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Break in the Weather

Well, for the last few days we've had a "break" in the temperatures here.  

Of course this week the temperatures aren't supposed to be too pleasant.  It's quite deceiving really it looks sunny and nice out. I see the breeze blowing and then bang! As soon as the pup and I walk out the door, humidity.  Heat=good. Humidity=bad.  Belle doesn't like it at all. Seems like she might die every time we come home. Poor baby. 

Logged a measly 3 miles yesterday. The morning started off well, it had rained during the night, the shade felt good, but the sun wasn't too friendly.  It's always hard, there are just some good days and some bad days and yesterday was a bad day.  Hopefully today will be better.

We've been watching the Tour de France a lot.  And by a lot I mean EVERY day! We tape it and then fast forward through commercials and "slow" parts.  Thank goodness for DVR, otherwise 3+ hours of our life would be used up.  Like any professional athlete, I am always amazed! The fact that they ride 100+ miles every day, my body would just shut down I'm sure.  But, it's what they do, they have trained for it and know what to expect.  It's not the first race they've ridden that's for sure.  They typically ride about 40 mph on flat road and downhill CRAZY! But even professionals have bad days.  The commentators talk about how so-and-so has been yo-yoing with their performances from day to day. What runs through my head is, "if that's them doing "bad," than what's good?!

Do you ever forget to breath? It's kind of a weird question. I've talked about it with my students when we talk about natural habits.  I ask them if they have to remind themselves to breath. Obviously you know the response.  However, when I'm doing physically draining activities I often think about pushing through. I want to finish and sometimes, just sometimes I forget to breath. Jillian Michaels is always reminding me on the videos. But if I'm doing a lot of burpees, or sit ups or planks sometimes I am concentrating so hard that I do forget to breath and then when I finish I'm left winded and slightly lightheaded.  

Flipped through the TV this afternoon and so the Ironman Triathlon (2011) was on, unfortunately it was just the last 10 minutes. It was at like hour 16 or something crazy and the oldest woman(76) made it before midnight. For those of you unfamiliar a triathlon is three events, swimming, biking and running.  An Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike  ride and 26.2 run (marathon).  This is not on my bucket list. Maybe a 26.2 someday and maybe a tri, but not the Ironman, not to mention I am AWFUL at swimming....if I could doggy paddle the majority of it I might survive.  However, 100's of people flailing around in the water is a little scary to me.  Since I'm not a strong swimmer I tend to panic if I get too tired.  But.....maybe someday.......

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