Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ah Lancaster, home to the many Amish and Mennonite, as well as many others.....but mostly Lancaster is known for its large Amish populations. 

We had to make an early trip up to Lancaster this morning due to a funeral, for my wonderful and kind hearted grandmother, Grammy.

Since Lancaster has so many farms they have LOTS of fresh produce, something we do not get that often hear in DC.  We got to Lancaster sooner than we expected so we headed off for some fresh produce.  There's this one corn stand that we pass when we go up and it's always packed. At 9:45 people are showing up in the hoards. I believe it is bring your own bags and or boxes.  YES, people come and buy SO much corn, they must be feeding a small community. I mean I can eat corn with the best of them, but at some point I have to stop. Corn there costs $3 per bakers dozen. I don't know how much it costs by all of you, but here it runs about 75 cents an ear. I only bought 7 ears for the hus and I for a buck fifty.

Corn soaking before the grilling
Freshly grilled and steamed corn....note how burned and charred those ears are? 
 Yet, not even damaged, not dried out, not burned soo severely.
 I of course buttered and salted, but I decided to add a little cayenne, my spice of choice to add a little extra heat and flavor.
 Sugar Plums
After that we headed to a local orchard where I picked up some white and yellow nectarines, red cherries and some sugar plums. Yup, you know the ones who dance in your head....they are bite size and delish! 

After the service we all had lunch as a family at a local smorgasbord.  I always think that's a funny name.  I wasn't overly impressed with their options although their salad bar was nice.   
 I asked Gary if he wanted to go for a buggy ride, but he declined....
That sign says Doll Outlet, over 5,000....sorry if you are doll lovers, but that kinda creeps me out.  I'm pretty sure dolls come alive at night and run all over the place, not killer like, like Chucky, but still...

Then Gary and I drove to Bird-in-Hand (yup, true name). Lancaster has all sorts of fun names, Paradise, Blue Ball, Intercourse....

We hit up a bakery and an antiques place.  We don't do this often, we aren't pickers or collectors, but since we watch many of those shows we though, what the heck.  I found an old Maxwell House coffee tin (Maxwell being my maiden name) and Gary found some old beer cans, as well as a old mirrored Schlitz sign.  I was hoping that I could find some sleigh bells. Nothing screams Christmas to me than hearing those (I know, Christmas is about 6 months away, what's the hurry, but I'm always looking).  There was one strand for $125 a little out of my price range and a smaller strand for $20, but they just didn't sound right in my mind.  I think they would look great hanging on my door with some Christmas tree branches and a bright red bow. Oh well, next time. 

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