Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Update

Did everyone have a nice weekend?  

Did you eat out? Work out? Hang out?

I had a nice weekend, but for me the summer is my glorified weekend. I suppose I should say that summer is my favorite season as a teacher.... It's family vacation time.  Friday was kind of a blur. I worked in the morning and Gary did some errands. We grabbed dinner to go at one of fav grab and go places on H street, Shawafel.  Mmmm....

Saturday we attempted to wake "early" so that we could get on our way for our 5 hour drive to the Poconos.  Gary's family has been renting a place there for the last few years along Lake Wallenpaupack.   We had to pack up Belle and drop her at a co-workers of Garys and then drop Sebastian off at my mom's(her grandson). Unfortunately we hit traffic around Baltimore so we added another hour to our trip.  I however slept most of the way.  I tend to fall asleep quite easily in the it a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it. If I'm driving, it's a curse for sure!

Gary's sister and her boyfriend were joining us, sadly Eric, their other sibling was still out at sea. He hasn't been able to join us a in a couple years. Hopefully next year! We all went out for dinner to a local BBQ joint.  Now, not being from the south I've never truly had "BBQ."  This was pretty good though, but I do welcome the day when I can officially say I've had southern BBQ with all the fixings.  Gary and I split the whole rack of ribs and also got a side of 1/2 sour pickles and some corn on the cob.  Kinda a messy meal.  I also got mint chocolate chip ice cream. A large only cost $2.60, which is amazingly cheap since a small dish of ice cream in DC is like $4. Robbery I tell you! 
Here are some pics of our smorgasbord....complete with family members chowing down. Flattering I know, I'm sure they will all thank me.

 I think she's drinking smurf juice....

 Chowing down
 I spared you the other 10 shots the hubby took. It's like he wanted a flip book of me consuming meat.
Sunday started off cloudy, but thankfully the sun broke through the clouds.  We spent the morning/afternoon reading, jetskiing and playing "King of the Tube." Which was basically all of us attempting to pull ourselves out of the water and onto the tube. Harder then it looks peeps...this is where my upper body strength would come in handy.  We have yet to be pulled behind the jetski....
The dock....
 Out and about....
 Later that, lit with yes, you guessed it, or not, a flare....did you know that you could light a fire with that? I mean it is fire, so I guess you probably do's just it's not the first thing I would have grabbed.
 Deliciously yummy s'mores.  I think my favorite part is completely charring my marshmallow, or as Jess would say, mallow.  I like to have to blow mine out. Gives it that little extra crisp and cooks the whole thing through. It's about the only thing I will eat burned.   This will not be the last of our weekly fires.  

Have you ever water-skied? 


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