Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super sore

Yesterday was an active day- although I'm not as sore as you would have thought. Thankfully!

So, vacationing in by a lake enables all sorts of outdoor activities.  Instead of running through a concrete jungle filled with cars and people, I basically ran through the woods. No, I wasn't trail running, I was on the road. I will say that the gravel in certain areas made me go a little slower. I have to say that I do get a little worried about wildlife. It may be my overactive imagination, or stories that I have read.  During the weekends the lake is packed with boats and wave runners, but during the week, not so much.  I kept thinking what would I do if a bear came charging out of the woods.  I know I can't outrun it and I sure can't out climb it. I kept looking around as I ran, what could I climb on, what could I get under where the bears claws couldn't get to me. Would I be able to call Gary? Fortunately I didn't have to use any of my "emergency" plans.  

It's also a lot hillier here, they aren't awful hills, but hills non-the-less.  

The rest of the afternoon consisted mainly of reading down by the water while soaking in the rays. We didn't even go out on the wave runner. It was nice and warm today too.  This required a nice dip in the lake. I get a little paranoid when I'm swimming in the lake, I hope that all motorized vehicles see us bobbing there in the water. 

P.S. You can't see the island we swam to, it's just that
far away, it's beyond that last dock....and some
I am not a strong swimmer at all.....however today we, Gary, Jess(SIL), Chris(someday to be BIL) and Tim(FIL) all decided to swim to a "nearby" island.  I swam from a closer dock while the rest started from our dock.  Oddly enough I kept my flip flops with me and put them on my hands. I guess they may have helped with paddling a little. It ended up being probably 1/2 a mile....which gives me hope for a future triathlon. I will most certainly not be the fastest swimmer out there, but maybe the biking and running can help me.  I've never tried to combine the 2 before. Perhaps I will try and duathlon, that doesn't sound too bad, run, bike, run.  

Anyway, I don't know how long it too me to do the 1/2 mile back and forth swim, but I felt like I was in the water for awhile, swimming on my back was also very helpful.  Thankfully the hubs stayed with me and kept asking me if I was ok. I think the thought at any moment I would capsize.  I am quite proud of myself. I didn't swim today, but if its sunny tomorrow you better believe I'm gonna tackle that lake again.

Oh also, I am a friend of wild animals. Unlike my "someday" BIL who is killer of them. I was very tempted to try and grab one.

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