Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend update

Ahhhh....finally we've had a break in the heatwave that has been tormenting most of the east coast. Those of your who live here know.  I think Saturday reached temperatures in the 100's.  Can we say sweaty?! 
Friday we spent the day at our friends pool- you know it's hot when you are sweating before you even sit down.  She legit lives right across the street from their pool.   Then we wined and dined at their house.  Not too shabby..... it didn't exactly look like this, there may have been A LOT more kids and no waterfall, or shrubbery and it may have been bigger and surrounded by power hungry lifeguards. 

Saturday I worked in the morning and then Jenna, and I went out to dinner Saturday night while the boys watched UFC, Silva vs. Sonnem(sp?).  I am no UFC lover, but I did enjoy the weigh-in. It's kinda weird though they all come out in their layers of clothes and then have to strip down. I think one guy took of like 3 bottoms before he got down to his super tight boxers (can they still be called boxers if they are skin tight?!) Those guys are pretty jacked, some have muscles that I have never seen before I call them gills. 

Anyway..... since the boys were watching half naked men fight we decided to watch half naked men "strip."  That's right, we lowered ourselves to seeing Magic Mike with Channing Tatum and Matthew Mcconaughey.  We both decided that 1) the previews were not intended for the audience viewing the movie.  You know how usually if you see a kids movie previews are directed towards kids, action movies tend to have action previews and you get the drift.  I guess there isn't a very good pairing to go with Magic Mike, but horror?! Really?! 2)  Jenna and I decided that the movie had too much "story" and dialogue- LOL!

Prior to the movie we went out to dinner to Don Pablo's for some fruitiritas and some Mexican cuisine.  I had a frozen mango marg and she had peach. Mmmm....let me tell you after a 100 something degree day those things were refreshing, especially since it seemed as though the restaurant was lacking in the AC.  We both thought the movie started at 10:10, jokes on us, it started at 10:50, so what do 2 gals do with so much time?! Target(also noted, their AC was less than par too, we ended up sweating hardcore that night)! We ended up getting stuff for school- silly us, even though it's over a month a way. Once a teacher, always a teacher, at least where Elementary Ed is concerned. 
I may have ordered WAAAAY too much....whoops
 Spoon corn bread- super yummy, couldn't finish....super sad
 Well, at one point in the night the glass was completely full.....
 Enjoying the same meal as I, copycat!
 Note the empty theater, this was us, thankfully we were joined by several other "viewing friends."
Sunday was kind of a blur since I didn't get home until 2 something and had to work the early shift at 4 am Monday morning. I know right? Retail at 4 am....I actually don't mind either working the 7pm-4am or the 4am-1pm.  I get an hour break, I can listen to my own tunes and where whatevs I want and..... I get to organize, which I love to do. Plus side, it's clothing.  Sometimes it takes all my will power not to buy something.  I think I'm going to have to make a rule. I can buy 1 thing a week, or 4 things at the end of the month.

Monday, today well I worked until 1pm. Oh and get this...not only was it raining when I got up(though much welcomed), but my car wouldn't start- ahh battery. Thankfully my wonderfully loving husband drove me at 3:30 en la manana to work.  Bonus points for him today! After work I zonked......and rightly so.  When I woke up from my coma I forced myself to run.  It's the first time in awhile I felt like I could step outside and not immediately feel weighted down by the humidity and heat.  I did 3 miles, which wasn't too bad.  I will slowly get back to 10-11 miles before Sept.  I've got time right?! 

The hubs was working, so after I showered I biked over to his restaurant and hung out for awhile(total biking 3 miles). I didn't even sweat biking. It was breezy and a perfect summer night.  Tonight's weather reminds me of the beach--- which I was there right now.  

Hope you had a splendid weekend and stayed cool!  

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