Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Olympic Trials

Have you been watching the Olympic Trials?

I have, swimming, track and field, gymnastics....quite enjoyable. 

I watched the final heat for the women's 1500: .
1) Ridiculously fit!
2) Ridiculously fast!
3) Amazing!

(I always think the 1500 meters is weird since it's virtually a mile, that being said my 1500 would probably take me 10 minutes to run LOL)

Do you see the World Record time? 3 minutes and 50 seconds?! Insane.
I was rooting for Jenny Simpson(P.S. I also love her hair) to win the final heat, but am very glad she made the team.  Overall I'm just glad that we have three amazing women representing Team USA.

 Morgan Uceny= FAST
 When I raced in High School, this was always the most nerve wracking part, it isn't the race it's self, it's the On.Your.Mark.Get.Set.GO! Or gun shot....how you get off the line can have a big impact in how you do.
Note several things:
1) Schmidt, far left is MUCH taller than the rest of the gang
2) Those girls have -% body fat
3) I hate wearing a bathing suit, let alone run in one, BUT, if I had their bodies or work ethic I could!
 Home stretch
First, Ucheny, then Shannon Rowbury and the Jenny Simpson

Here's your 2012 Women's Gymnastics Team
 They got out of order, from left to right, Gabby, Alexandra, Mckayla, Jordyn and Kyla
I like that the men's team congratulates them.

I have to say that I was never a huge fan of Nastia Lukin because I loved Shawn Johnson, however.....that being said, I would have like to have seen her on Team USA for this Olympics. She IS an amazing athlete and it's sad when someone that great makes mistakes in the Olympic trials, however it does make them human and we all make mistakes. It's sad that this will be her last competition. 


Was really hoping that Dara Torres would be joining Team USA at age 45! But, c'est la vie, she has had an AMAZING Olympic History.

Michael Phelps- the Human Torpedo will be competing in 7 races. He would have been competing in 8, but just dropped out of the 200m freestyle.

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