Monday, July 2, 2012

"I'm the King of New York"

One of my all time FAVORITE movies/musicals is Newsies.  I was SO excited when I heard they were bringing it to Broadway. I told Gary that if we lived in NYC we'd be broke because I would have to go to all the Broadway shows! 

When they were having auditions for Newsies, I wanted to go, but 1 I am too old and 2 it's mainly an all boy cast.

Originally we were going to wait in like at TKTS but thankfully I asked a man and he said it was for only day of performances and that they didn't have anything for Newsies anyway. So then I kept my eyes peeled for all those other people selling Newsies tickets, you know the ones with clipboards and legit shirts. We found some and I asked they said they had 4 for about $95! We decided to then go to the Nederlader box office to see if they had anything left. That was a NEGATIVE, they had nothing for the whole weekend. So....back to the other people we went despite the fact that it had just begun to downpour, but it felt so good because it was SO HOT!

I was told that the musical was very different from the movie, which had me a little worried since I LOVE the movie so much. I mean, Christian Bale!  So I was little unsure of what to expect.

However, I definitely give this show an A+! The singing and dancing was AMAZING! I love seeing strong male performers. And....I am also a HUGE fan of SYTYCD and 4 of the performers were on the show with 3 of them making it in the top 20: Alex Wong, Jesse and Evan. 
Sooo excited about my signed playbill, it's framed, hence the light reflection at the top. Original Cast baby!
The story was the same, for the most part.  There were however a few big changes. The newspaper reporter played by Bill Pullman(movie) was now cast as a woman. I don't wanna give too much away for those of you who are going to see it. The movie doesn't start off with Max Casella narrating, but with Jack Kelly singing with Crutchy to "Sante Fe." It's not surprising that they had to add more songs, it is after all a musical, but they also got rid of a few songs from the movie. The set design was really neat too.

I read on the website that the actors actually come out and do autographs after the show.  I originally meant to rush out before the end of the show, but oh well.  Maybe if I go back to NYC I can bring my other playbill and get that signed and also get better photos with the cast.  Yes, I the almost 30 year old stood with all the little star struck teeny boppers and got autographs and pictures.  I know I didn't get everyone and I can't even tell everyone's signature.  But I did get them- and pictures!!   Please ignore that double chin/neck that formed while I squatted down. I also believe that had I been standing straight(mind you I was wearing wedges), but I would be taller than all those guys. 

 The end of a perfect night....actually that's not the end of the night.....

Go see Newsies Stat!

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