Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

My last night of eating like CRAZY!!! I was STILL full this morning!

Don't you love my sparkly NYE outfit?!
The lovely host and hostess

I was sick for most of Christmas break and didn't really feel like going out.  I did want to dress up, but didn't really want to spend the money either on flashy new clothes. Not to mention all the New Year's Eve shindigs around here were super expensive.  I have trouble wrapping my head around spending almost $200 to be with people I don't even know.

 Someone commandeered the fondue stiring, not that I will complain.

Enjoying my FABULOUS fondue
We ended up having a quiet night with some good friends at their house. We had a fabulous dinner if I might add.  I made cheese fondue- Yum!  One of my favoritest things ever.  It was half Swiss cheese half Gruyere and plenty of white wine.  Apparently the trick is to flower the cheese before you add it to the fondue pot, as well as add a splash of lemon which helps to prevent clumping.  Needless to say we engorged ourselves.  We had that with apples, bread and carrots. My friend also made baked brie, and smoked Gouda.  It's fairly safe to say that we had PLENTY of cheese!

Dinner:  beef tenderloin and a fabulous salad, complete with homemade seasoned pecans, feta cheese and green apples. Delicious!

No loud obnoxious drunk people that we don't know....I didn't say we weren't loud

Dessert:  Dark Chocolate Toblerone Fondue, complete with Baileys and heavy cream
Served with: strawberries, bananas, potato chips and pretzels

What's NYE with out Bubbly? Baby Prosecco with a splash of pomegranate liquor

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