Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Blessings of a Crock Pot

Hobby of the day: Cooking via Crock Pot

I heart my crockpot!  H.E.A.R.T! We got it as a wedding present and well, I had never used one before.  Let's just say that throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot and then turning it on before you go to work= perfection.  The best part is that I am the QUEEN of the Crock Pot in this home. Then it's up to hubby to clean up the "mess" and or items that might have stuck to the pot.  Love it!

I use a Rival Crock Pot, it has Slow and faster settings from 4 hours - 10 hours.  Sooo great. Once it's done cooking it sets it to warm....ahhh perfection.

Tonights meal: Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken 

Thanks again to my new favorite, better for you, recipe site.  I am also a HUGE fan of Allrecipes.  Allrecipes is great because people leave their comments and often tweak the recipes, usually to the better. I am a huge fan of tweaking recipes, adding a little extra this or that and cutting on items.

I stuck to the recipe this time- although we did go to Whole Foods this week and therefore the majority of our stuff is organic.  We are not an all organic family by any means and also, it's expensive.  Isn't it a shame that eating healthier means you have to spend more money?!  The only thing I didn't add was cilantro, I am not a huge fan, if at all, of cilantro.  It isn't that I wouldn't have added it, it's just that I couldn't find it.  I know there are A LOT of people who do love cilantro, but sad to say, I am not one.

Let cook 10 hours badabing-badaboom!   Serve over rice, brown or white, I used brown.

Ooooh I also have a rice cooker, well not really mine, but we've had it forever. It's another fav....

Bon Appetite!

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