Sunday, January 15, 2012


I love cupcakes!  

I don't necessarily love eating them, unless I'm in the mood, or find a fanTAStic one.  I do however love baking them.  I started really baking about 6 years ago when we started going to small group and had to provide dessert.  I wanted to impress and so in rolled my love of cupcakes.  I won the bake off at our school with my Pumpkin Spice Muffins, a small feat.  

I've tried the cupcakes all over DC, Sprinkles,  Georgetown CupcakesCrumbs, Hello Cupcake, The Sweet Lobby, Alexandria Cupcake in VA.  Usually I try and choose the same one from each place.  My staple is Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting.  My favorite that I have had so far, Crumbs!  They are HUGE for one and well worth the price, considering regular size cupcakes from other places basically cost the same.  

Cupcakes in my opinion HAVE to be moist and the frosting creamy, but not overly sweet. Also, it is important that with every bite of cake that you also get a bite of frosting.  Most cupcakes need to be eaten the day of, however I have discovered that Crumbs cupcakes can last for a few days and still be most amazing!  

Recently I had the opportunity to try CrunkCakes at The Pug, a bar on our favorite street to dine out on, H Street.  They had the Irish Car Bomb and the moisture did NOT disappoint, probably helps that there is booze in it. haha...I CAN'T wait to try more.  I could taste the liquor, but it wasn't overwhelming, just enough to give it that extra burst of flavor.  
Guinness chocolate cake infused with Jamesons with Bailey’s buttercream 

Plenty of Icing

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