Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As Seen On TV

We've all seen the commercials

Bought this! Cami Secret

I have this problem a lot, shirts that are a little "too low" for the work place, especially since I'm a teacher.  They work....one thing I am dissatisfied with: I feel like it bunches sometimes/wrinkles.... so I have to tuck the bottom part of the cami secret under my bra, but at least the problem is solved.


Yes, I also bought this....for my mother. She has old couches and they sag, so I got one to see if it would work.  It did seem to help give the cushion some extra support.

I've only purchased two items from As Seen.....however, since I haven't really been disappointed yet, I would also like to purchase:

My hubs' car could really use this, maybe we could see better on the road at night, or it could just be that his 11 year old lights are just....OLD.

The Hip-T: It's like the belly band for non-pregnant people.  I own about 20 plus spaghetti strap shirts. Thank you Forever 21 and H & M for having reasonably priced shirts.  I wear them under EVERYTHING, sweaters, dress shirts, t-shirts, etc... I just don't wanna be one of "those" people.....no one wants to see my plumber. 

You have to pull it up over your feet and up over hips, I wonder how long the elastic will last in this...I also wonder if it will irritate my stomach if it's too tight.

Anyone have this?

But maybe could be convinced.
Do you have one?

Forever Lazy

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