Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Picture a day

Hobby of the Day: Taking Pictures

I meant to start posting, but I forgot.  I got this idea from someone else, it was to post a picture a day for the year 2012.  I am a little behind, so I will catch up with a few pictures.

Jan 1- Happy New Year
Jan 6- Looking at all the Christmas Tree Corpses
Jan 7- Oh Maryland, YES, You are taking up THREE spaces!
Jan 8- Wontons at Pho
Jan 9- I will wear you yet, little yellow Bikini
Jan 9- This is why Whole Foods Produce is Yummy! 
Jan 10- First Snow- Barely and yet FINALLY
Jan 11- Help I've Fallen

There aren't really any rhyme or reason for each photo, just something that excited and or inspired me for the day.

Sorry to be missing Jan 2-5, I'm gonna be better :-)

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