Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who Needs Snow?!

Hobby of the Day: Being a Teacher

Well it's Jan 12 and I'm officially disappointed in our weather.  It's rarely been colder than 32 degrees and SNOW?! HA!  We had a "dusting." I NEED snow! I NEED cold weather?  I don't live in a 4 season state to have fall and spring like weather year round.  Grr....I keep checking the weather in Quebec. I don't even know what 7 degrees or below 0 feels like.  Not that I want it all the time, but man.  I have turned on the heat 0 times this winter and the fire twice.  

Anyway, with or without snow I still do my Winter art projects.  Hence, the story Snowballs by Lois Ehlert - I LOVE her work and so do the kids, we had to read it twice.

I love the hair sticking straight up and hair band!

Snow Panda- P.S. Pandas are my Favorite

Spikey Haired Friend and Pup

I love how she made a hair ribbon from two sparkly things I had

3D nose, Alright! She said it was like a carrot!
I was SO proud of my students creativity! Go Kiddos!

They were NOT allowed to use scissors, ripped paper only 

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