Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Hobby of the day: Losing Weight, Working Out, Cooking Healthy

The NOT so Best Friend
As the New Year strikes, many people make resolutions.  Essentially promises as to what we would like to see achieved...resolutions seem to be repeated year after year.  I haven't made a resolution in a long time.  But this year Gary and I decided to set goals.  One of course is weight loss and eating healthier (As you can see from New Years Eve Post, we splurged on waaay yummy food).  We weighed ourselves on Jan 1 and then wrote down what weight we would like to be by the end of March, April 1st begins Spring Break.  A cruel joke I think.  Thankfully Gary and I are training for a half marathon, so we have to force ourselves to work out. We have 91 days to achieve our first target weight, then we have another 91 days until the last day of school to lose to our second goal weight. 

Gary and I also took pictures of ourselves, much to his disapproval in clothing we would like to be better in.  We took front, side and back photos.  I of course took pictures of myself in a bathing suit. The picture below is my motivation.  I will NOT be posting my muffin tops here, disappointed though you may be.  
The Motivation: being in a bathing suit in front of FRIENDS!!!

Why is it so much easier for guys to drop weight than girls?!

Apparently the East Coast has finally decided that it was winter and cold it is, not as cold as Quebec, where I long to visit, but cold enough nevertheless.  I wish that some snow would come too.... Yesterday was frigid and windy, thus no running outside.   Today is also quite cold and currently 59 degrees in the house.  I HATE heat! Heat gives me headaches, dry skin, itchy skin, nosebleeds and makes my eyes dry. Therefore we very RARELY use heat, thankfully we have a gas fireplace.  We prefer to sleep cold anyway.  

I was recently introduced to a website full of lower calories meals.  Thanks to Skinnytaste I have a new variety of tasty recipes.  It is quite a shame that Gary hates fish or rather seafood.  I love it and would love to make some of those recipes, but don't want to cook just for myself.  Last night I made Low Fat Baked Ziti with Spinach, you can find the recipe here.  It was delicious.  The recipe made waaay to much for G and I. Next time I'll try halfing the recipe.  Thankfully I can take some for lunch too.  

Sauce and Spinach blend: pre-cheese

Whole Wheat Ziti

Plenty for All


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