Friday, December 30, 2011

First Day back Running

Hobby of the Day: Running and Gear

New Running Gear
So I haven't run in about two weeks.  Right up until Christmas break I was swamped with shopping, baking and wrapping, not to mention cleaning and packing.  Then, I got sick over Christmas break, which I am still currently fighting off.  I was mostly lethargic during break and slept a whole lot. Thankfully  I did not eat too much and therefore, NO WEIGHT GAIN! Score one for me....haha.  That doesn't mean that I still don't have lbs to lose.  I gots to get ready for Spring Break 2012.

Today I  busted out a lot of new running gear. Thankfully this new hobby of mine enables loved ones to buy me unlimited amounts of running gear.  Gary and I only ran 4 miles and that was a mess for me.  I am still struggling with breathing (thanks cold) and therefore have difficulty swallowing since I keep sniffing.  I wore my new Brooks Ghost 3 shoes, my feet need to get used to wearing nice new shoes. Hopefully I can break them in after a week or so.  The only real setback for me running was that my feet really fell asleep. They usually fall asleep around 3-4 miles but always wake back up, but today, maybe because of the new shoes they fell asleep hardcore, to the point where I couldn't even feel that I was running on feet and my ankles also fell asleep too.  We'll see, the last race I did I don't think my feet even fell asleep, but I had also been running a lot more frequently and also in shoes my feet were familiar with. 

My brother-in-law got me some new running tights from Under Armour, the coldgear frosty compression tights.  I have had trouble with running tights in the past.  I feel like they are constantly falling down, or that that they are sagging so to speak.  These tights got good reviews, I always read reviews, just to give me some insight.  I wore those today.  They were nice and tight around the ankles, so no ridding up.  Unfortunately I am short so these tights fit well but could have been a little shorter for me, they did bag up a little around my thighs, but I kinda pulled them down.  These tights do not have a draw string, I always feel like drawstrings give me an extra sense of security, but they do have an elastic band and because the tights are so "tight"  they definitely do not ride down.  First day of wearing them: success.

I also wore my new running shirt from Northface, women's impulse 1/4 zip, courtesy of my good friend Jenna.  It fits well and it has thumb holes which I love.  Thumb holes were such a great invention!  I love the color of this shirt, I tend to lean a lot towards pink for some reason, so this teal color is great! It is a half zip and also has a pocket, score again.  I always need pockets for keys and chapstick. For some reason my running gets hindered if my lips are not moist. Weird huh? The only problem that I found with this shirt is that the sleeves are a little too long. Again I am short and I do think my arms are shorter than they should be, so while standing/resting the sleeves are way long, but while running it seems to be ok because I like to have my hands covered. The only thing is I also feel like I hold on to the shirt more too thus clenching my fists. 

I did not however wear the new gloves my mother got for me Nike Women's Lightweight Run Glove.  It's cute, my mother is not an athletic person, nor does she follow sports, but she wanted to be supportive of my hobby, so she bought me these super cute gloves.  I wanted these earlier this fall they have a key pocket on the palm, perfect for me.  Way to go mom!  Love her!

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