Friday, June 1, 2012

My Belated Weekend at a Glance

Did you have a nice weekend?

Was it as warm there as it was here?  I thought I would melt several times during the day. Thank goodness for A/C!

My mother came down for the weekend.  She always comes in the beginning of school and visits my classroom and meets my kiddos and does an art lesson with them.  I like her coming at the beginning of the year because she gets to see how immature my students are.  Then when she comes at the end of the year she gets to see how far they have grown.  I'm so proud of my kiddos!

She never comes for a Holiday weekend so this weekend DC was full of events! Rolling Thunder was in town, as they are every Memorial Day.  So thankful for what they stand for, but MAN are they loud! Vrooom!  I loved that they all had flags on the backs of their seriously fancy bikes! 
Proud to Be an American!

Here's my weekend in Pictures(mainly food- SHOCKER! and a few words:-)

Friday Night: Clydes
Crab cake with sauteed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes
 Strawberry Mimosa

Saturday: National Art Musem
Can you guess who did each picture?
Modern Art Museum, don't know who did it, but it makes cool pictures!
Favorite Artist of all time!
Fun Fact: I painted in his garden in France!
Claude Monet

Who loved to paint ballerinas?
Give up?  Degas

How bout this guy?
Van Gogh

Saturday Night Dinner: Fire and Sage
Crab and Corn Chowder- lovin' all the crab! 
 Gary got a Caesar salad with steak and a side of mascarpone macaroni
Dessert: The Sweet Lobby for macaroons of course
Flavors we got: red velvet, hazelnut praline, green tea, pistachio, cappuccino and olive oil walnut and pecorino- I know! Weird Right? But so yummy, it just works!

Sunday: Native American Museum 
So tempted to jump in here, it was H-O-T!
They have a horse exhibit going on right now

They were also having a Polynesian performance/celebration 
Super cute little girlies!
Lunch- my mother loves eating here. If you are ever in DC, hit up the Native American Museum for lunch, they always have interesting and tasty food!
 I could eat this wild rice salad EVERY day!
Fry Bread- Native American Style, well maybe Americanized Flat Bread:-)
 Rolling Thunder
 Um....crazy Trike!
BBQ:  How many people does it take to locate a ball?!

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