Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Wok!

I'm SO cheesy! LOL

Hobby of the day: Cooking
Tonight I made steak stir fry with pea pods, red pepper, mushrooms, noodles and of course steak. We also had an appetizer! I know right?! Don't get too excited, they were frozen. I mean come on people, I'm only cooking for two!

I used garlic wok oil to cook my meat.  Actually just briefly heating up the meat, then added my washed pea pods, red peppers and mushrooms and some red pepper chili paste.  

Meanwhile my chicken and veggie spring rolls a la PF Changs were cooking in the oven 10 minutes, turn 10 minutes.

With 8 minutes left I started the water boiling. Sometimes I start the water too late, but tonight I was point on.  

I added the cooked ramen (couldn't find udon) to the stir fry.  Mixed it up, added some sriracha- y'all know I like my spice- and some lite soy sauce.

And of course, we ate with chopsticks, hello! What's an Asian meal without chopsticks?!

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