Friday, June 15, 2012


So a few weeks ago I went to my FIRST ever Tupperware Party
I know, you are probably thinking, tupperware?! You mean that stuff my mother and grandmother have?
The answer is, YES! It actually does last that long with a lifetime guarantee. Crazy huh, my mom has a lettuce and celery keeper she has had for as long as I've been around, so doing the math 29 years!  

I was a little skeptical at first, but then again I have never ought Tupperware before, so why not go. I love kitchen gadgets.  The lady who did the party sure knew her stuff, how many things you could put in a container, how long to cook an item, what you could cook in a dish, etc...

The best part was that I walked away with at least 4 FREE pieces of Tupperware.  Say it with me people, "Free!" We had an auction, we could earn "Tupperbucks" during the night and then bid on bagged items. I mean, as teachers, we love free stuff, but then again I'm pretty sure most people like free things.  

My husband has used the sandwich keeper multiple times now, despite the fact that it is pink. He has also used the bright blue microwave dish for leftovers that he has taken to lunch.

She said you can microwave eggs, chicken, steam veggies in the container.....I am one of those, don't believe it till you see it people. So I nuked up some broccoli tonight, no need to add water. It was like 1-2 minutes for crunchy and 2-4 for softer broccoli. 

A few weeks ago I hosted my own party and did it at school. I figured my co-workers are already there so they don't have to drive anywhere, plus free things, plus I enticed them with cookies. Mwahahaha....ask them, they think they are pretty legit, my cookies, not the free things.  Because I hosted, I got more freebies! 7 things in all and if people order I get discounts and some other host gifts. So, while I don't wanna pressure anyone into buying anything, I would love for them to buy something, so I guess we'll see if they do or not.  

My new free microwave soup bowl
 This is great, the top expands up so that items don't have to be level with the bowl
 No idea what I'm going to use these for, maybe hummus or other dips.
I'm tossing around the idea of becoming a Tupperware salesperson myself, to earn some extra money. Seems fairly easy, although it makes me super nervous to be a speaker in front of adults trying to sell things.  I mean, yes, I speak every day, but to 6-7 year olds. I mean they don't judge me and aren't too critical of me:-)  
These are cute, not sure what to do with those either, pills? dressing? Thoughts?
These I actually ordered. So far they haven't failed me.  They are for the refrigerator. They have certain ones for microwaves, fridge, freezer, etc... They have labels on the side to let you know which fruits/veggies need to breath and which ones do not need to breath.

So far my mushrooms have lasted over a week in the containers and my grapes over 2 at this point. I also have celery inside them and broccoli. I mean, I throw away fruit and veggies all the time because they go bad before I can use them all.  If I can preserve their life than I save money! Win!

I have 3 other things coming in the mail two party dishes as well as collapsible dishes. When they arrive I'll let you know how they are. I'm excited to get them! Hope they come soon!

Also, if I do become a seller of Tupperware, be prepared for me to harass you into having a party! :-) Just think, you get freebies!

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