Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?
Did you spend time outside? 
Did you exercise?
Did you cook?!

My weekend was great, although now that I'm out of school it seems as though every day is part of the weekend.  I was stuck in traffic on Wednesday and happened to also be on the phone with my mother.  I was complaining to her that the traffic for a "Saturday" was awful and that there must be an accident.  She then informed me that it was actually Wednesday and that I was most likely stuck in rush hour traffic. Ha! Silly me.  When I don't really have to keep track of days and time it all runs together.  I have to make sure my schedule is very up to date. 

we did nothing, well that's not true. I got up and went for a run, the first one since June 3. Kinda crazy huh?! I've been exercising, just not running.  So I eased back in to it with an easy 4 miler.  When I got home the hubs had made is "man-cakes." AKA pancakes.  There isn't even anything special about them.  I didn't have any of them, but  I did have a nice big glass of chocolate milk.

Then we washed the pup.  She has been shedding like it's her job, as has the cat. Stupid winter coats. I could probably knit a sweater with all their hair.  We've been brushing them a whole lot. Thank goodness for the furminator. That thing is a lifesaver! So much hair comes off of the pets. Even though this is for our dog, it works great on our cat too. Our house looks like there has are tumbleweeds of hair rolling across our "desert." Note: if you visit us, don't wear black.  It's crazy, why do they need winter coats? They barely go outside in the winter, well the cat NEVER goes out!

Anywho, after the pup wash, we took her for a 2 mile walk to help her dry off.  We stopped at the grocery store, the pet store and the hardware store. I needed to purchase mosquito bits.  They are supposed to help get rid of the skeets, since they are supposed to be awful this summer because we had the lack of winter. 

Gary made dinner, we had salad, with grilled chicken, chickpeas, corn, cheese, avocado and toasted walnuts.  He also picked up some yummy bread- we love our carbs!

 Gary had to work the brunch shift on Saturday.  Boo! But it pays some extra bills. I didn't sleep in too late either. I went to Eastern Market and ran some errands. I also did my Jillian Michaels DVD for the first time in forever too.  That night we had a 30th birthday party.  UGH, yes, my dirty thirty is coming too....I have no idea what to do for it, of if I should even do anything?
 Suggestions WELCOME?!

I actually had to work. Long story short, I'm working part-time at New York and Company. It's one of my favorite clothing stores.  They give teacher's discounts which is fab! I've never worked in retail before. I've always worked either with children or in the food industry, which I liked.  This will definitely be an interesting job, but I should also have a great wardrobe for next fall. Best Dressed Teacher 2012? Haha! Gary's worried that I'll spend all my money there. But I'm going to be good I promise! It's hard though they have some great bright clothes right now and lots of green which is my new favorite color to wear.  

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