Friday, June 22, 2012

Does it make you cry?

What makes you cry? 

Do TV shows make you cry? Specifically realty shows? I know that The Biggest Loser has made me cry, so has So You Think You Can Dance.  Lately Gary and I have been watching Master Chefs. It's on Monday and Tuesday night, followed by Hells Kitchen, both Gordon Ramsey's shows.  

Master Chef is the show where aspiring chefs try for a chance to win money. People from all walks of life, career changes, stay at homes, students.....all cook their best dish and have 5 minutes to prep it for the 3 judges, Gordon Ramsey, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich.  If the judges like it than they get an apron and get to move on. If the judges don't than they get sent home.  

My tears were flowing here too
I always have favorites, as do most viewers I'm sure. For some reason I always tend to root for the Asians, unless they are not very nice....I'm a little partial.  This season they have a woman, Christine, who has gone blind.  She's such an inspiration.  She does have an aid who helps her pick out ingredients and describes how things look, but other than that she's on her own.  I am so impressed and how she has overcome her handicap and not let it overcome her.  She has an excellent palate, as she must to be a good cook, since she has to rely on her other senses to help her master her dishes.  
On Monday their team lost the main challenge and so they had to cook apple pie.  I've made apple pie many times, but I have to hang my head in shame, I haven't made my crust from scratch. I never even thought about cooking my apples before baking my pie....note to self, next time. I assume that it probably helps with the cooking time so that the crust doesn't burn.  I mean, I have enough trouble using a peeler with both eyes working.  She had to chop her apples and cook them.....and to top it all over cook her crust so that it cooked all the way through and make sure that it was browned on the top.  Her aid had to be her eyes!  
How did she do? The crust was perfect! Golden and the sugar on top made a great glaze. The pie came out in a perfect slice, no drips, nothing falling apart.  And.....She ended up getting picked for 1 of the top 3!  She cried, I cried. They complemented her....

Tuesday nights challenge was to use either tongue, lamb head, testicles  

Christine was one of the top three! She cooked panko breaded sweetbread with bok choy and a dipping sauce (unmentioned).  I mean I burn myself when I fry things from the splatter. I can't even imagine doing it without the capability of being able to see what I am doing.  

Now, the winner of this challenge got to choose what people were going to cook either live crab, or canned.  The winner is a guy I can't stand, he's overly confident and cocky, the type of person I CAN'T stand. I don't mind people who are good, or confident, but mean people make me mad!  SO of course, he gives Christine a live crab! She ends up cutting herself on the shell when she was trying to open it.  He makes me so mad! Who does that?! MEAN people, that's who! But, she arises to the occasion and cracks that sucker and gets out the meat. 

She made a crab ceviche- You Go Girl! Gordon Ramsey told her that it was beautiful and then asked her if she was really blind!  Then, he made Ryan taste it. She's not vindictive, she doesn't talk behind people's backs (at least not that I know of).  Integrity is the word that comes to mind.  Who got first place? Josh and Christine! They are the new team captains for the next challenge.  

Team Christine! 

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