Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tired Thursday

Another tiring week, despite the fact that it was only 3 days long at this point!

We had off on Monday, Memorial Day, obviously.

Last week I was finalizing Career Day which was overly tiring plus a field trip in HOTNESS and, yesterday we had our Surprise Retirement party for our Principal- super super sad! 

I made center pieces, well added the polka dot yellow and green bows, as well as made the daisies in the middle.  We put candles on the tables and streamers and balloons and decorated the restaurant all up.  

I also made a memory book, collecting letters from all the classes to put into a binder- it was huge. Quite the summer reading! There were definitely letters that brought tears to my eyes, who knew these kids could be so dang sweet?!

So, this is how I feel right now....if only I could be lying a beach right now......asleep

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